Monsters University Crafts: Note Cards

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I love making unique note cards.  Even in today’s digital world, I find myself sending note cards as thank you cards, thinking of you cards and even birthday cards.  When I received Disney Pixar Monsters University for a feature on my site, all I could think of was how much fun it would be to make Monsters University crafts.  I had a tough time deciding which craft I would do but in the end decided to make a few fun note cards featuring different characters in Monsters University.

Monsters University released 10/29 on Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy.  If you aren’t familiar with the film already, Mike and Sully head off to Monsters University to become scarers.  Everyone knows the best scarers come from Monsters University.Their competitive spirit gets them both kicked out of the scare program and they realize that they are going to have to work together if they hope to fix things.  Monsters University deals with topics like self discovery, cheating, competition and working together.  It’s a movie that younger children will love just as much as Monsters, Inc. but also a movie that older kids will enjoy due to the university setting.  My 16 year old son loved the movie because the messages were something he could relate to.

Monsters University Crafts

Monsters University Crafts: Note Cards


  • A variety of blank note cards and envelopes.
  • Scrap book paper in whatever color matches the Monsters University character you want to make.
  • Markers
  • Glue sticks


  • Decide what Monsters University character you want to create a card for.
  • You can do a Google Image search if you aren’t sure or want to see the detail for each character.
  • Draw, cut out, decorate each character cut out.
  • Glue the cut out to the front of a blank note card.

Monsters University Crafts - Mike

Monsters University Crafts - Art

Monsters University Crafts - MU

Make Monsters University Cards

The Mike Wazowski and Art note cards I just drew by hand.  I’m far from an artist but I think they came out well enough to tell what they are.  I printed the Monsters University pledge card, and used that on the final card. If you like, you can draw that free hand.

Buy Monsters University Collector’s Edition today and watch it while you’re making these cards.


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  1. Mike Wazowski is so cute! I just adore him!
  2.  Those are really super cute. That looks like a great craft that the kids and I will enjoy. Happy Halloween!
  3. tara pittman says
    Very cute cards and are more special when homemadade
  4. Love these - these movie characters crack me up.  It's always weird to go to the movies and laugh at a cartoon more than your kid!! ha/ha  Pinned & Tweeted!
  5. You drew those?! Yes you are an artist, those look really good to me. I thought I could cheat and print your pictures off! LOL Those are so cute. We love Monsters U!
  6. Mistee Dawn says
    Those are really cute!! Great idea!
  7. Those are so adorable!!! I just love them.
  8. I think you did a great job on those cards, Ellen! What a fun way to celebrate the release of Monsters U!
  9. very cute!  not sure I am artsy enough for hand drawing but I bet I could find some cute printables!
  10. Wow, very talented! Note cards like these are perfect to encourage children to write notes and thank you cards to others. :)
  11. Pamela @ Still Dating My Spouse says
    Wait, why does this seem so easy & why hadn't I thought about doing this with my godson. lol These are really cute. Thanks for sharing & giving me an activity that I know he would like to do.
  12. Heather Johnson says
    Very cute and very simple. Homemade cards are always better than the store-bought kind.
  13. Lolli @ Better in Bulk says
    Those are so cute! I am impressed with your talent! I love Monsters U! :)
  14. HOw adorable! I totally want these! thanks for sharing! 
  15. What a super cute idea, love it! I am just dying to see this movie... I've been waiting so long!
  16. Nancy Lustri (StyleDecor) says
    Too cute! I wish you were closer so you could help me make some. I made a Monsters University Gift Basket for my upcoming American Heart Association Ladies Tea.  
  17. I wish I had a cute craft to add but sorry, nothing. I absolutely love your Mike and Art notecards. Super cute!
  18. Oh how cute... we have some Monsters U fans in our home who would love those!!!
  19. I love the Monsters University characters and movie so I think this idea is CUTE!
  20. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says
    They look great! What a terrific idea for a rainy day craft, or also they'd make great thank you cards too.
  21. Jessica Cassidy says
    We love watching that movie :-) You are very talented :-) How I wish I am good with crafts :-) 
  22. Check it Out! with Dawn says
    Very cute and fun!  Tweeted and Pinned!
  23. Mag@GirlyCreation says
    These cards are so cute.
  24. christine reyes says
    Great ideas! I think I would try to make some party invites with the Monsters University cartoons; save some money!

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