Take Time to Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Last Updated on June 29, 2021 by Ellen Christian

My Mom and I didn’t always get along when I was a teenager. She didn’t approve of my friends or the choices I made and I admit to being somewhat less than a great teenager. When I turned 18, I got married and moved several states away. It wasn’t very long until I realized how smart my parents really were.  Several years later, my parents retired and moved about 30 minutes away from us.  Now I get to see her regularly and I realize how much we really have in common now that I am an adult.

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Take Time to Enjoy a Cup of Tea

One of the lessons that my Mom taught me was no matter how busy or hectic life is, you should always take time for a cup of tea.  Tea with my Mom is much more than a cup of something you drink. Tea is an experience.  Tea is a trip to another country when you enjoy a tea like Darjeeling.  Tea is best enjoyed while flipping through a copy of Victorian magazine or watching British television.

Take Time to Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Tea is best enjoyed in a fancy tea cup with a matching saucer. Ladies really do hold their pinkie finger in the air while they drink tea.  Napkins always go on your lap in case you’re invited to tea with the Queen of England. You never know. It’s good to be prepared just in case. Of course, tea is best enjoyed with a scone. If you have clotted cream for your scones, all the better. If not, real butter melting over a hot scone is the best accompaniment to a cup of tea.

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11 thoughts on “Take Time to Enjoy a Cup of Tea”

  1. I often forget tea is an option when craving something other than water, so needless to say I'm not the greatest tea drinker. However I DO enjoy a good cup of tea-I recently discovered a fantastic ginger/turmeric blend that I hope to blog about soon :)
    • I do enjoy a cup of tea. It's generally how I relax at the end of the day. I've never tried turmeric in tea. I'll have to check out that post!
  2. Now that I AM a mom, I can SOOOO see why my mom was stressed out all the time! Tea and flowers definitely make for happy moms!

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