Sustainable Home Renovations

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My home is a New England Farmhouse and was built in 1865. I’ve always been fascinated with history so when we first bought the home, I learned all that I could about the previous owners. I found out that our home was owned by a man that owned a sawmill in our area and that over the years, the property had been subdivided until we were left with two acres of the original parcel that the farmhouse used to be part of. This post has been sponsored.

Sustainable Home Renovations

Sustainable Home Renovations

I love older homes. They have character that you don’t find in most newer homes. Older homes also come with a fair amount of upkeep. We’ve replaced the furnace, roof, hot water heater, ripped out the bathroom, etc. Each year we take on a few more repairs and renovations to upgrade our home and make it more energy efficient. Recently, we’ve been looking into sustainable home renovations.

I really like the look of vinyl siding and the fact that there is less upkeep than with a home that’s been painted. But, I’m not a huge fan of vinyl siding for environmental reasons. Vinyl siding is mostly created from PVC and the creation of vinyl siding releases greenhouse gases like nitrogen oxide into our environment.  As it ages, it continues to release these same gases into the environment.  For me, that’s a huge drawback.

Sustainable home renovations

LP SmartSide is a great alternative to traditional vinyl siding. It incorporates the look of wood with less maintenance and a gives a homeowner a better look. Plus, the main ingredient in LP SmartSide products is wood fiber, a renewable natural resource. The wood used is grown in a manner that encourages reforestation, protects water quality and conserves and manages wildlife habitat.

Sustainable home renovations

During the manufacturing process, LP SmartSide products use low-emitting resins that do not release pollutants. All LP manufacturing facilities use comprehensive environmental management systems to cut down on waste as well as promote air and water quality. I love knowing that there are siding options that are sustainable and won’t harm our planet. We always look for ENERGY STAR appliances so it only makes sense that we would be searching for sustainable home renovations in other areas.

LP SmartSide has a handy tool available on their site that lets you see what your home would look like with a variety of different siding options including LP SmartSide cedar shakes, LP SmartSide panel siding, rockface, etc.  There are many different colors and styles available depending on the style of home you have.

Take a minute to use their LP SmartSide Visualizer tool and learn how LP SmartSide can be part of your sustainable home renovations.

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  1. Kelsey Louise Apley says
    Very nice you can try on different styles to see what will look best on your home! I love how great technology has become! 
  2. What a great tool for home renovation. I would have trouble deciding! I grew up in a hundred-year-old home that was my grandmother's. It had a scary basement and an old-fashioned tub but I loved it.
  3. My sister has an older house, I am going to have to share this with her! Our house is 10 years old so it doesnt need it but I know my sisters is looking for something just like this for her house! 
  4. We need to start thinking about replacing the siding on our home but have no idea what we will choose yet. I will have to check out what sort of options are available!
  5. Victoria Sconion says
    Oh that is so cool! I live in a historical area so changing the outside of the house would be an issue unless I move outside the city. smh Looks good though! 
  6. That is so cool.. I am going to try it out right now! I love that kind of stuff. My house is old and needs a face-lift! Thanks for sharing this!
  7. I think LP SmartSide products are a great idea for people who are doing home renovations. Thank you for sharing this review.

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