Stockpile Storage Solutions for the Prepared Home

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If you believe in emergency preparedness, you might be looking for stockpile storage solutions. Being prepared for emergencies means that you aren’t caught without things you need when something unexpected happens.

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Stockpile Storage Solutions for the Prepared Home

Stockpile Storage Solutions

My husband and I believe in storing extra in case of emergencies.  You may be wondering what’s “extra”.  Well, we have extra food of course but we also have extra things like laundry detergent, soaps, toothpaste, first aid supplies, lightbulbs, blankets, etc.  If we have an extended emergency of any sort, we’ll have the supplies we need to manage well on our own.  That’s called preparedness or prepping if you’re not familiar with the term.

That said, we also live in a small house built in 1865.  Back in 1865, they didn’t really need much storage space.  They didn’t have the things we have today so they didn’t have reason to have a lot of closets, cupboards and storage options.  Today isn’t 1865 though and I need storage.

a room divider hiding storage

How to organize your stockpile

One of the dangers of having a stockpile is that it turns your home into a cluttered mess. While I want to be prepared, I want my stockpile storage solutions to keep my stockpile out of site. I don’t need to stack 30 bags of flour in the corner of my living room. When guests visit, I want a peaceful decluttered home.

And, I also need to be able to find things when I want them. So, that means that similar items should be stored together. I want all of my first aid supplies in one area. I need my canned goods neatly stacked in date order so I can use them up.

Pantry Organization Tips To Maximize Storage

Only store what you have room for. You don’t want your home to turn into an episode of Hoarders. Choose the areas that you’ll be using for storage. And, then stockpile only what you have room to keep in those areas. You can use organizing solutions, bins, and shelves to maximize the room you have. You can also consider a room divider to hide certain areas of your home.

Stockpile Storage Solutions for the Prepared Home

Shelves and bins to organize your stockpile

Picture a grocery store or dollar store in your mind. Like items are stored in the same areas of the store. So, you can use a shelf for your first aid supplies and another for your pet food. On that shelf, you can use baskets or bins to keep smaller items together. So, put your packages of bandages in one basket and your extra first aid cream in another. Then, place those baskets on the same shelf. Make sure that your stockpile storage solutions are helping you stay organized. Here are some tips for making your own first aid kit.

a cabinet with lights on it for storage

Because we don’t have a lot of built-in storage options like closets, I need furniture that also has storage possibilities like storage cabinets.  No one will know that the wood nightstands in our bedroom actually have toothpaste and bath soap stored in them.  They’re closed and no one can see what’s inside of them. If you need stockpile storage solutions for a small home, you need to be creative about where you store things.

Don’t forget the unused areas of your home. You can put shelves in the garage, basement or attic as long as they are weatherproof and pest proof. You don’t want to store food in your basement only to find out that the mice have gotten into it. And, you need to make sure that the temperature of the areas you use aren’t too extreme. Food can go bad if it’s exposed to high temperatures. So, it might be better to store things like extra blankets in the garage rather than powdered milk.

Stockpile Storage Solutions for the Prepared Home

Rotate stock using stockpile storage solutions

If possible, store things that you’ll use more frequently near where you’ll need them. So, designate a cabinet or two in your kitchen to keep some of your more commonly used food. You can vacuum seal things for long term storage. But, you will want to rotate your stock to make sure it doesn’t go bad. 

There are a number of can organizers that allow you to take a can from the front of your stockpile. And, then you can load extra cans from the back when you buy more. That way, you are always using the oldest product first. That means your stockpile won’t go bad when you need it.

Stockpile Storage Solutions for the Prepared Home #prepping #prepper #emergencypreparedness

Our pantry is full of food that we have stored.  Actually, it’s not an actual pantry, it’s really the back portion of a hallway that isn’t used.  It works well as a pantry and is convenient to the kitchen when I need extra of something.  I don’t really want to run upstairs to the bedroom every time I need an extra bag of powdered milk. So, I wanted stockpile storage solutions that would be convenient for us.

a basket with flowers on top for storage

Hidden stockpile storage solutions

That being said, the pantry is getting full so we also have a cabinet in the living room that has an overstock of peanut butter and coffee in it.  Again, it’s closed and to the untrained eye, it’s more decorative than useful.  We know what’s there though. Consider things like under the bed storage. Or, hide things in baskets that have hidden bottoms. You can place an attractive plant on top. And, the rest of the basket can be used for storage for things you don’t need often.

So how can you use your storage options to start stockpiling some extras in case of emergencies?  You never know when you’ll be snowed in or have some other type of weather extreme.  You want to be prepared for storms or other emergencies. Are you prepared?

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