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My husband and I believe in storing extra in case of emergencies.  You may be wondering what’s “extra”.  Well, we have extra food of course but we also have extra things like laundry detergent, soaps, toothpaste, first aid supplies, lightbulbs, blankets, etc.  If we have an extended emergency of any sort, we’ll have the supplies we need to manage well on our own.  That’s called preparedness.

That said, we also live in a small house built in 1865.  Back in 1865, they didn’t really need much storage space.  They didn’t have the things we have today so they didn’t have reason to have a lot of closets, cupboards and storage options.  Today isn’t 1865 though and I need storage.

Because we don’t have a lot of built in storage options like closets, I need furniture that also has storage possibilities like storage cabinets.  No one will know that the wood nightstands in our bedroom actually have toothpaste and bath soap stored in them.  They’re closed and no one can see what’s inside of them.

Our pantry is full of food that we have stored.  Actually, it’s not an actual pantry, it’s really the back portion of a hallway that isn’t used.  I works well as a pantry and is convenient to the kitchen when I need extra of something.  I don’t really want to run upstairs to the bedroom every time I need an extra bag of powdered milk.

That being said, the pantry is getting full so we also have a cabinet in the livingroom that has overstock of peanut butter and coffee in it.  Again, it’s closed and to the untrained eye it’s more decorative than useful.  We know what’s there though.  So how can you use your storage options to start stockpiling some extras in case of emergencies?  You never know when you’ll be snowed in or have some other type of weather extreme.  Are you prepared?

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6 thoughts on “Stockpile Storage Solutions”

  1. Hi this is fii from swapbot following your blog.
    I can totally relate to this post. We have a small house that we share with 4 (!) friends so we have stocking issues. I like what you say about closed doors, thank god nobody can see trough those:)
  2. This is a great post. While I don't worry too much about having food on hand in case of emergencies, I still try never to let things get too low.

    Our home was built in 1999, but it still doesn't seem to have enough storage space for our needs. My kitchen is especially lacking, so I've had to use a coat closet that runs along the hallway off the kitchen for extra supplies.

    My hope is that if we ever get a chance to expand our kitchen, we'll add a small walk-in pantry with cabinets and counter space, just like I had growing up.

  3. Just thought I'd point you toward a list of items folks can self-store and don't need any special hot/cold treatment. Will save A LOT of money! See:

    Scroll down the page for the list.
  4. We have no storage and no pantry :( I do have a linen closet with lots of other stockpiles but it's hard to stockpile food.
  5. I have a friend who stores her extra food stuffs under the couch in the living room. Thought it was funny when she went to the living room to grab an onion!


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