5 Storm Preparedness Tips You Need to Know

Last Updated on June 24, 2019 by Ellen Christian

September is storm preparedness month, so I’m sharing these storm preparedness tips with you before the storm hits your area. I’m sure you’ve seen those television programs where a big storm is coming, and everyone runs out and clears the store shelves of bread and milk. That’s how NOT to prepare for a storm. You want to start preparing for storm weather now when it’s sunny and beautiful outside.

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5 Storm Preparedness Tips You Need to Know

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5 Storm Preparedness Tips

In Vermont, we have storms in the winter and early spring. Ice, snow, sleet, and freezing rain are very common in winter storms. While we occasionally have spring flooding or a severe summer storm, those are much less common. When we prepare for storms, we are preparing for cold weather, dangerous driving conditions, and loss of electricity.

5 Storm Preparedness Tips You Need to Know

Shelf Stable Food

You should stock up on shelf stable food now before the shelves are empty. Keep in mind that you may not be able to heat the food depending on what heating source you use to cook. You’ll want to keep food that is filling and relatively nutritious on hand that doesn’t need to be cooked. A few of my favorites are granola bars, dried fruit, nuts, beef jerky, canned tuna, instant soup, canned juice, and trail mix.  Rotate your shelf stable food regularly to ensure nothing goes bad before you use it. Most importantly, don’t forget the instant coffee. Your coffee maker won’t work, and nobody needs to face a morning with no coffee.

Lighting Sources

While we typically keep candles in the living room, I don’t allow the kids to take candles upstairs. Each child has their own flashlight to take to bed with them, and we keep a Virtually Indestructible 3D LED lantern at the top of the stairs that provides enough light to move around in. Make sure that you keep extra matches and batteries on hand. If you use rechargeable batteries, make sure they are always charged. Solar lights can be used outside to provide adequate lighting.

5 Storm Preparedness Tips You Need to Know

Warmth and Heating

If you live in a cold climate, you’ll want to be sure that you have a source of warmth and heating if your electricity goes out. We heat with oil, but we have a woodstove in case we lose power. If you’re in a more temperate area, it may simply be a matter of stocking up on extra blankets and warm clothing in case power goes out.


Have you ever had a houseful of kids who are bored? No television, no movies, technology that cannot be charged and no internet? Yeah, that’s not fun whether they are 5 or 15.  Stock up on extra batteries for their favorite games, a few new activity books, a board game, art supplies and books. Don’t forget yourself while you’re at it. Add a crossword puzzle book, a few packets of gourmet hot chocolate and your favorite mystery.

5 Storm Preparedness Tips You Need to Know

Personal Safety

You never know where you’ll be when the storm strikes. Be sure that you have storm preparedness items in your car in case you’re away from home. You should keep granola bars, an extra blanket, bottled water, road flares, a portable charger, and a personal security alarm just to be safe. You may find yourself alone in a situation that you need help. If you do, a panic alarm like the Power Protect Charger with a 100-decibel alarm that can be heard up to 200 yards away will scare off would-be attackers and bring help. As an added plus, the Power Protect Charger is also a mobile charger and flashlight. Plus, it’s small enough to keep in your bag.

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