Snowboarding in Vermont for Beginners

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Are you thinking about snowboarding in Vermont? Yesterday, we had our first snow here in Vermont. And, that means just one thing. Winter sports! Whether you like to snowboard, ski or toboggan, there are a lot of choices.

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Snowboarding in Vermont for Beginners and Families

Snowboarding in Vermont

A few years ago for Christmas, my son requested a snowboard. We have a great hill in the back yard. And, he wanted to have his friends over with their snowboards and practice going down the hill. He had tons of fun practicing on the hill and trying to maneuver it around obstacles in the yard. But, it’s not the same as actually snowboarding in Vermont on one of the mountains.

There are a lot of great options for snowboarding in Vermont. And, there are some of the best Vermont ski resorts for families in my area. If you’re new to snowboarding, you have different criteria than if you’ve been doing it for years.

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Is snowboarding easy to learn?

That really depends on how much experience you have doing similar sports. Skiing can be easier to learn than snowboarding. But, it’s easier to master snowboarding than skiing. With skiing, your feet are separate which can be easier for balance. With snowboarding, your feet are attached to the board. Skiing is done facing forward. Snowboarding is done sideways which can take some getting used to.

So, if you’re a beginner and you want to get started snowboarding in Vermont, here are a few options.

Snowboarding in Vermont for Beginners and Families

Okemo Vermont

Okemo is located in Ludlow Vermont and is a great choice for snowboarding in Vermont. You can take group or private lessons. And, they offer lessons for both children and adults. They have several different mountains based on your skill level so you won’t feel out of place learning at your own pace.

Killington Vermont

If you want to try snowboarding in Vermont, the Killington Ski Resort has a lot to offer. You can snowboard, ski, mountain bike, play golf or just relax in the Lodge. And, childcare is available if you have younger children that won’t be snowboarding. Lessons are available for youth and adults.

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Stratton Mountain

Stratton Mountain is another popular choice for snowboarding in Vermont. The Stratton Mountain School is known as one of the top programs in the nation. So, if you’re serious about snowboarding in Vermont, this is a great choice. They prepare students for excellence in a variety of winter sports. They offer a variety of programs and even a snowboarding camp for those that are serious. It’s not necessarily the first place I would choose for beginners though.

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Snowboarding in Vermont at Sugarbush

Sugarbush Resort offers a variety of lodging packages and discounts. They even offer discounts for college students and young adults. The Lodging at Sugarbush is top-notch as are their dining options. And, there’s a health and recreation center as well as a kids’ adventure zone to visit while you’re there. If you plan on snowboarding in Vermont for more than a few days, Sugarbush has lots to do while you’re there.

Bolton Valley

Bolton Valley has lots of options for snowboarding in Vermont. You can both snowboard and ski at this resort. And, they offer lessons for both adults and children. Kids will want to stop by the Explorer’s Clubhouse. They also offer after school and home school programs for locals. 

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Gear to get started

While you can rent the gear you need to go snowboarding in Vermont, it helps to be prepared. The Freeride 110 is a great beginner’s skiboard for kids. This snowboard comes in a variety of sizes for adults and is quite affordable. You’ll also want to make sure that everyone has snow goggles to protect your eyes. You’ll also want to make sure that everyone has a helmet for protection.

If you’re looking for the best quality snowboard and plan on snowboarding in Vermont more than once or twice, Burton is by far the best quality snowboard brand. They have lots of different sizes and styles to choose from. And, they have the gear you’ll need to get started. Check out Skiers Peak for all of the gear you need to get started.

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Sites to see while snowboarding in Vermont

While you’re in Vermont, you might want to stop by Quechee Gorge or visit Wilson’s Castle. Or, there will be plenty of things to do at the Lodge at each of the resorts. Or, just relax by the fire.

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