Snowboarding in Vermont

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Last year for Christmas my son requested a snowboard. We have a great hill in the back yard and he wanted to have his friends over with their snowboards and practice going down the hill.  He had tons of fun last winter practicing on the hill and trying to maneuver it around obstacles in the yard.

He’s been talking about taking his snowboard to an actual “mountain” for more of a challenge this year.  I’m not really sure I’m up to watching him careening down the side of a mountain on a snowboard or not but we’ll have to see. I think I’d feel a heck of a lot safer with him looking through a snowboard magazine than actually flying down the side of a mountain like an Olympic skier.

I mean have you looked at some of the tricks they do while snowboarding?   I guess I should be used to winter sports since I’ve lived in Vermont for 25+ years of my life.   I know there are some people who love spending their winters skiing and snowboarding but I’m really one of those people who’d rather spend the winter watching the top 10 snowboard tricks on television than doing them myself!  How about you?

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  1. An Unsheltered Life says
    I don't like the cold, especially if there's snow involved. So, yeah, snowboarding on TV is fine by me, but I don't want any part of it beyond that. :)
  2. Love winter, hate the cold. I have bad circulation in my extremities, so I don't stay out in the cold long.

    My kids, on the other hand, would love to try skiing and snowboarding.

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