Christmas Scrapbook Ideas & Layouts

Last Updated on September 15, 2023 by Ellen Christian

 I’ve been working on some Christmas scrapbook ideas and a basic holiday scrapbook layout so I can deal with all the other photographs I have from when the kids were little.

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Christmas Scrapbook Ideas | Holiday Scrapbook Layout

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas | Holiday Scrapbook Layout

If I thought I had a bunch of Halloween photographs, I have way more from Christmas. This project has made me understand more than ever why it’s so important to organize my photographs regularly.

The kids really enjoyed seeing their Halloween photos in a scrapbook so I know they’re going to enjoy seeing the holiday scrapbook layout I made.

I’m using the Project Life method to scrapbook my photos. Project life is quick and easy and doesn’t take tons of time or a lot of special skills.

I just don’t have the patience to create a scrapbook page from scratch and cut out all my embellishments. With Project Life, I can get card collections, stamp sets and accessory packs for just about any theme I like.

The photo pocket pages are divided into different sizes so I can just insert the photographs and add different sized cards and accessories to dress up the page.

You may remember that last month, I organized my Halloween photos of the kids.

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas | Holiday Scrapbook Layout

One of the problems that I have with coming up with Christmas scrapbook ideas is that most of my photos are a bunch of different sizes. Remember how you use to be able to get photos 3×5 and 4×6.

Don’t even get me started on school photographs and Polaroid photographs. With Project Life, I can add different background cards using accessory packs so that all my photos fit in the photo pocket pages.

Then I add some stickers or some letters or some sequins and I’ll all set.

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas | Holiday Scrapbook Layout

I love how easy Project Life is to use and that it doesn’t require any special crafting skills. I can start and stop when I’m making my scrapbook page depending on how much time I have and I can move things around if I change my mind about what I want it to look like.

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  1. I want to win because I keep reading reviews of Project Life and it looks amazing. It seems like it'd be a good way to keep memories, especially since I have 3 kids.
  2. i do not print off photos much so this would be a great motivator to do that. Plus, i want to do another 365 photo challenge and this would be perfect! Cheers, Alyson
  3. I'm due with my first little one in a week or two and want to scrapbook all her precious moments. I bought a book but coming up with the supplies is difficult in a small town! 
  4. I would love to get started scrapbooking. My daughter turned 3 and we have so many memories and pictures to showcase. I'm excited about their December kit. Thanks for the giveaway!
  5. What a great giveaway! I'd love to do a scrapbook, when the boyfriend & I got together and we started traveling we said we'd do one. It hasn't happened yet though.

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