How to Show Your Cat You Care

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Finding special ways to show your cat you care is just another way that you can bond with them. I love our cats and enjoy just sitting next to them on the couch and petting them. They seem to know when I need a little bit more attention from them and it is almost like they know what I’m thinking. Of course, I can’t really sit down and have a conversation with my cats to bond with them. Well, I can, but it will be really one sided.  There are special ways to show your cat you care about them. These are the little extras that work for us.

How to Show Your Cat You Care

How to Show Your Cat You Care

There are many ways you can show your cat that you care. These are a few that work for us.

  • Cat Toys – Our cats love cat toys and each one seems to have their own favorite toy.  Heather loves anything that has feathers on it. This may be because she was an outside cat originally and she equates them to birds. Colors doesn’t play with a lot of toys. This may be because she is older but there is a little stuffed animal toy that we add catnip to that she will carry around and love on. Scouts’ favorites are little mice that rattle and toys that he can try to capture. We have a toy that has a ball on a track he tries to get that he really enjoys. Cat play is fun for cats and for their owners.
  • Cat Towers or Trees – Our cats are all indoor cats so they don’t have the opportunity to go outside and climb real trees. While they climb on the back of our couch regularly, we also give them a cat tower or tree to climb on. It has different levels they can jump from and it has a place for them to scratch. This also encourages them to not scratch on my couch.
  • Regular Brushing – Regular brushing isn’t something that all of our cats enjoy.  Colors will bite you and the brush if you try to brush her but Heather enjoys it. There are different types of cat brushes and combs so experiment until you find one that your cat enjoys. This is a great way to keep their coat clean and healthy.

How to Show Your Cat You Care

  • Give Them Your Time – Nothing says I love you than a few minutes of petting and back scratching. Not only is it good for your cat, it’s good for you too. Studies have shown that owning a pet can help with depression, stress and anxiety. It definitely makes for happy cats.
  • Dress Them Up – Again, not all pets tolerate this. We don’t dress our pets up regularly but we occasionally do on Halloween. Scout is not even remotely happy about this but Colors will tolerate it. Plus, they look adorable which makes me smile.
  • Cat Treats – If your pet is not overweight, an occasional little cat treat is just fine for them. Treats can also help reinforce good behavior.
  • Cat Collar – All of our cats have collars. Their tags are on their collars in case they ever get outside. Collars are also a fun way pamper your pet with a snazzy accessory.

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What little extras do you do to make your pet know you care?

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  1. tara pittman says
    We dont have pets but my kids visit my friends dog. They love playing with her.
  2. That looks like some fun toys for your kitty.  I have a dog named Buddy - he's over 100 lbs and a Rott/Shepherd mix.  Great kid and would love some dog toys.  Even though he's about 6, he still loves his squeaky toy!! :)
  3. Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) says
    I think a lot of people forget cats need things to engage with. Dogs demand engagement but cats you need to initiate it which some people forget. A cat that has things to do is certainly a happier healthier cat.
  4. I have three cats and two dogs. My cats are Cricket, Little Bit and Stormy. My dogs are an Alaskan Malamute named Siku and a chihuahua mix name Cassie Mae. 
  5. We have two Black kitties. We rescued both of them, and even though they look nearly identical their little personalities are totally different. They keep us on our toes.
  6. Elisabeth Ashley says
    We have two cats; we adopted Artemis 5 years ago as a kitten, and he rules the roost.  We then rescued Odysseus from the streets 3 years ago; he was so old and sick we expected him to only last a few months, and resolved to make those twilight months as comfortable as possible.  He's stuck around far past our expectations and completely adores all attention from people. 
  7. I have a cat named Ninja. He's a pretty big boy. He weighs almost 20 lbs. He's a beautiful tuxedo cat with a Cindy Crawford mole.
  8. Stephanie Shipley says
    My pet is a Siamese cat named Jasmine. She is such a sweet and loving cat who loves to snuggle and play.
  9. We have 2 cats and one huge dog. My son loves them all & they are a big part of our family.
  10. We have 2 cats, Bowser and Princess. Bowser thinks he is a (jerky) person and Princess is a really high strung princess. We love them!
  11. michelle cavanaugh says
    We have a full house, 2 dogs (Sierra & Grumbles), 11 ferrets and 8 cats (Tweek, Lil One, Tiny Terd, Satan, Boo, Pigalet, Munchkin & Sqwuakey.)
  12. Well which one would you like to know about? We have a 2 year old Morkie, a 4 year old tuxedo cat, 6 guppies, a betta fish, rabbit, parakeet, and Weimeraner- the first 4 liver under our roof, but the rabbit, weimeraner and parakeet are pretty much kids too!
  13. april taylor says
    I have a 1 year old cat tiger striped and white. Her name is Kiwi and she acts like a dog.
  14. Our cat is Charlie.  She is a rescue kitty.  She come into our lives about 5 years ago.  We were never really cat people but Charlie isn't your average cat!  She is very sweet and very needy!  Needing of lots of love and attention and she's never too far from my site!  Even when she's sleeping its usually at my feet on the ottoman or in my lap!
  15. Megan Michele says
    I have 2 very spoiled kitties Mali and Charlie. They are not the most active so to show i care I try and get them playing as much as possible! 
  16. Julie Beveridge says
    We have a huge Olde English Sheepdog that is mixed with Lab! She is our three yr old's best friend.
  17. We have 3 cats, Woody, Griffin, and Milo. Two we adopted from an animal shelter when they were kittens and one we found on our front porch that had been roaming around the neighborhood for a short time. He was shaved and had fleas so we think someone put him outside to get rid of him. They are like our kids.
  18. We have 4 meows sons that have rescued me, 3 literally came into our yard, and are my therapy,  as much as I am their mommy. 
  19. Our Loki is the Interactive Cat :)
  20. I have a cat named kitters who loves to terroize
  21. Marci Wright says
    W have 2 dogs that we rescued. We believe them to be siblings & pitbull/golden lab mix. MayMay is our princess & Jack is our spoiled boy. :)
  22. I have two cats and one is al ittle weird. He is an aggressive cuddler
  23. I have 3! Two cats and one dog, but my dog seems to think she's mom to both cats!
  24. Christie Mullen says
    I have a little black cat named Pepper.
  25. crystal sheckles-gibson says
    I have 7 adopted furkitties. I had one inside cat for couple of years and didn't plan on getting any more. My neighbor moved and left his 3 cats behind-one was very pregnant. Now I have 7 babies to love. I took the older kitties to the vet and was able to get in the low cost spay/neuter clinic. I can't believe someone would just abandon their cats. I am glad they came to my house for food. I am trying to find loving homes for them but I may have to keep them. :)
  26. I have 3 kitties at home. They are all very active and play with a variety of interactive toys, but I am always looking for other ways to spoil them!!!
  27. Mary Somerville says
    We recently took in a stray kitten, Henry. He is black, and white, and full of fun. It took awhile but he has really relaxed into our family-tho his first friend was our other pet, Dolly Dog. Dolly is so full of love, he must have felt safe right away with her.
  28. I have a cat. We adopted her a little over a year ago and she is just so quirky.
  29. Katie Bellamy says
    We have 3 cats. Venus is the oldest, She's 16 I got her when I graduated High School. Then Fluffy she's 14. Miss Kay literally ran into our house last year as a kitten and ever left. 

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