Rosemary Infused Coconut Oil for Oral Health

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Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils that I have ever used. I have several jars of it in the kitchen and use it regularly in my favorite recipes and for DIY health and beauty products. Not only is coconut oil considered a healthy fat, but it also helps improve your gut health by killing bad bacteria and candida (yeast). I have also been oil pulling lately to help improve oral health, and although I don’t like it (yuck), it does help.

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Rosemary Infused Coconut Oil for Oral Health

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Rosemary Infused Coconut Oil

So, why would I infuse rosemary into my coconut oil? First, it improves the taste, and since I’m not a big fan of the taste of coconut oil, that’s important to me. In addition to taste, rosemary has been used historically as a breath freshener and as a way to kill bacteria. Since bacteria is what causes plaque build up and cavities, using a rosemary infused coconut oil when oil pulling makes sense to me. Of course, Rosemary also has anti-inflammatory properties, so I’m hoping it will be helpful for swollen gums as well.

Rosemary Infused Coconut Oil for Oral Health

I recently received a MagicalButter machine which uses exclusive technology to extract botanical nutrients directly into butter, cooking oil, alcohol, and lotions. You can use it with butter, alcohol, glycerin, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, peanut oil and much more. MagicalButter makes it easy to integrate botanicals into your healthy lifestyle. To put it simply, the MagicalButter machine is a countertop botanical extractor that can be used for recipes, home goods, and skin care.

Rosemary Infused Coconut Oil for Oral Health

Rosemary Infused Coconut Oil for Oral Health
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  • 2 cup of organic coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup of fresh rosemary
  • 1 tbsp lecithin (optional)


  1. Place the ingredients in your MagicalButter machine, and secure the head.
  2. Press the Temperature button, and select 160F / 71C; then press the 1 hour/oil button.
  3. After the cycle is complete, unplug the unit at the outlet, and remove the head of the appliance. Put on your LoveGlove, and pour the pitcher contents slowly through the PurifyFilter into a glass container.
  4. Store in the refrigerator to keep out light and to keep it solid.

Rosemary Infused Coconut Oil for Oral Health

I love how flexible the MagicalButter machine is. I couldn’t believe all of the different types of recipes on their website to try. You can use it for hard candies and lollipops; lobster roasted corn chowder, scented candles, baby lotion and of course my rosemary infused coconut oil.

Rosemary Infused Coconut Oil for Oral Health

If you have ever tried to extract botanicals in the past, you’ll know it’s a huge pain. You have to grind the herbs, stand over a double boiler FOREVER, etc. This process is so much easier. You do not need to grind anything or stand over a double boiler stirring for hours on end. You add all of the ingredients, choose one of the preselected settings and let it go. It doesn’t burn and even has a self-cleaning option! I like anything that cleans itself! Plus, it comes with a silicone mitt and strainer to use while infusing.

If you’re interested in extracting botanicals either for food or medicinal purposes, I think that the MagicalButter machine is the easiest way to go. 

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  1. That sounds interesting, I like the taste of rosemary usually - I use it on pork chops sometimes. Also, MagicalButter is an awesome name, lol - I love it.

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