Relieve Tired Legs While Traveling

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I don’t travel a lot. Most of the time, I am quite content to work at home on my blog posts and putter around in the garden.  Every now and then, for business, I need to travel and I just returned home from a blog trip to Boston.

Relieve tired legs while traveling

Relieve Tired Legs While Traveling

Generally traveling means a lot of walking. Just getting from one side of the airport terminal to the other can seem like a marathon. At the end of the day, my legs are generally tired and achy.  I have mild varicose veins in both legs, which means I can have mild swelling and an achy feeling when I’m on my feet all day. I didn’t want that to have a negative impact on my trip so I have found some tried and true ways to relieve tired legs while traveling.

Relieve tired legs while traveling

The graduated compression improves circulation, with maximum compression at the ankle that gradually decreases up the leg. They massage tired, achy legs as you walk and move which makes them ideal for being on your feet or sitting in one place all day, traveling or doing active office work. The FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear features balloon toe and reciprocated heel for added comfort.

Relieve tired legs while traveling

I wasn’t sure what to expect when wearing the FUTURO™ Energizing Trouser Socks for Women but they really do help sooth symptoms of mild varicose veins, swelling and tired, aching legs. The material is soft and comfortable and the wide band at the top holds the socks securely in place. These are great for business, casual and weekend wear and I love how they helped relieve my tired legs during my business trip to Boston. I did a ton of walking and had much less leg and foot tiredness while wearing these socks than I have in the past.

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FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear is available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors for both men and women in the pharmacy section of major retailers nationwide, including Rite Aid, visit for more information.

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Relieve tired legs while traveling

Visit the FUTURO™ STAND STRONG sweepstakes, for sweepstakes rules and regulations and more information about FUTURO™ Legwear.

Tips to relieve tired legs while traveling


  1. Melissa Pezza says
    These compression stockings sound great. I travel all the time, so I can definitely use these. Thanks!
  2. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says
    I think it's great that they're making compression products in different styles like trouser socks. I wonder how the top band is for diabetics.
    • Ellen Christian says
      I found them very comfortable. The graduating compression should make these the perfect choice for diabetics.
  3. Amber Edwards says
    I love compression products for legs. As a preggo mom, I need all the help I can get with my legs being tired and acting like I've traveled all day, even though I haven't. These look great. 
  4. Jenna Wood says
    I always wear flats while traveling and keep my 'real' shoes stashed away for when I get out of the airport/to my destination. These are some great tips- I never thought about the peppermint oil. Anything that can aid in circulation when sitting still for extended periods is always good!
  5. I've always hated how tired my legs and feet feel after traveling. I could use some of these socks! They would be great for cosmetologists too. The standing all day thing is horrible on the legs.

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