Printable Pet Emergency Checklist

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Looking for a pet disaster checklist? Get this printable emergency checklist so pet owners can be prepared for unexpected evacuations.

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Pet emergency checklist

Printable Pet Emergency Checklist

You need to be prepared for emergencies. We keep extra food, water and medical supplies on hand at all times just in case. You never know when an emergency will happen. So, you need to be prepared for them now so that when they actually happen, you are ready to deal with any challenges that happen.

We have three cats so not only are we prepared for emergencies for ourselves, we are prepared for emergencies for our cats as well. Some of their needs are the same as ours, like water and shelter, but they also have different needs. 

Pet disaster checklist

So, what do you need to have on your pet emergency checklist? This is what we keep on hand for our cats.

  • Cat food – both dry and canned like Hill’s Science Diet Adult Optimal Care
  • Bottled water
  • Cat carrier
  • Cat litter and paper towels for emergency clean ups
  • A disposable cat litter box
  • Disposable garbage bags to scoop messes
  • Veterinary or medical records & copies of shots given especially rabies and rabies tags.
  • Extra collar and harness if your pet goes for walks
  • Flashlight
  • Blanket or cat bed for warmth and comfort
  • A recent photo of your pet in case you are separated
  • Toys

Pet emergency checklist

How to keep your pets safe in an emergency

FEMA National Pet Disaster Preparedness Day is May 9th. Hill’s Media Tour to talk disaster preparedness and disaster relief kicks off May 7th! Hill’s recommends the following Seven Tips to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety in an Emergency:

  1. Ensure your pet can be identified by either a microchip or collar ID tag and that contact information is up-to-date.
  2. Prepare a “Pet Emergency Go-Kit” of pet supplies that is readily accessible in an emergency like the one I recommend above.
  3. Display a pet rescue decal on your front door or window to let first responders know there is a pet in the house. Include your veterinarian’s contact information.
  4. Learn where your pet likes to hide in your house when they are frightened. Finding them quickly will help you evacuate faster.
  5. Identify a location to take your pet if you need to leave your immediate area. Keep in mind that disaster shelters for people may not be open to pets. Scout hotels and motels with pet-friendly policies and ask relatives or friends if they could house you and your pet.
  6. Carry a picture of your pet in the event of separation.
  7. If you need to evacuate, consider taking a pet carrier or crate if possible for transport and safe-keeping.

Printable pet emergency checklist

Hill’s Disaster Relief Network

When disaster does strike, the Hill’s Disaster Relief Network is positioned to quickly respond with shipments of pet food to communities impacted by disaster. Hill’s established the first-of-its-kind national network in 2013 as an extension of its Food, Shelter & Love® program.

In its first year, the Hill’s network delivered free pet food to 50 shelters and veterinary clinics across the country in response to 11 major incidents – including floods in Colorado, fires in Idaho and Arizona, tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas, the fertilizer plant explosion in Waco, Texas, and
most recently, the mudslide in Washington and tornadoes in the central and south regions of the country.

Printable pet emergency list

You can print out this printable pet emergency checklist and start preparing for an emergency before it happens. Find out more information about emergency preparedness for cats.

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  1. I am continually amazed at what goes into pet ownership. We've been talking about getting a dog for the kids, and disaster preparedness for pets never crossed my mind. 
  2. All of these are must haves when dealing with pets and a disaster. We have a pet emergency kit (a small pouch with emergency food, chewies, and vet info) for unexpected emergencies. It's also great to have on hand if you have a pet sitter in your home.
  3. This is a great idea, and I never thought of pet needs in an emergency. We would run out of dog food fast in an emergency, because we don't keep much on hand.

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