Tupperware Blooming Teapot with Infuser

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Are you looking for the Tupperware Blooming Teapot?  Check out my thoughts about this blooming teapot gift set and other similar choices. Tupperware products have always made my job in the kitchen easier.  They’ve been a part of my routine for as long as I can remember.  Each year it seems like they come out with more and more amazing products to choose from. Keep reading to learn more about the flower teapot from Tupperware.

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Tupperware Blooming Teapot with Infuser

Tupperware Blooming Teapot with Infuser

The Blooming Teapot has a 40-ounce capacity which is the perfect size for me to share a cup of tea with a friend.  The removable glass tea infuser makes it easy to brew a perfect pot of loose tea.  The removable metal strainer keeps tea virtually free of leaves as you pour.  The glass top locks into place for safety when you pour.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the Blooming Teapot with Infuser I received from Tupperware.  This is a gorgeous teapot that will match any decor.  The locking top means I don’t need to worry about accidents when I pour the tea and the removable metal strainer really did keep the tea leaves and flowers out of my tea!

You will want to make sure that you use a blooming tea in your teapot like the ones I’ve linked above to see the true beauty as the tea steeps. This tea is perfect with my cranberry walnut scones recipe.

Tupperware Blooming Teapot with Infuser

Unfortunately, the Tupperware Blooming Teapot with Infuser is no longer available from Tupperware. However, there is another blooming teapot gift set you may want to consider. I’ve linked a few of my favorites above for you to see.

If you’re searching for a flowering tea set with glass teapot, the Teabloom Wings of Love Gift Set is absolutely stunning. The Wings of Love Teapot is ideal for brewing flowering teas, but handles loose leaf and bagged teas equally well. The glass infuser adds versatility as well as elegance.

Blooming teapot

The Teabloom Blooming Tea Set features a 34-ounce teapot that is the perfect way to view the unfurling of Teabloom’s exquisite blooming tea balls. Hand-picked and arranged by skilled tea artisans and individually sealed at the peak of freshness for a beautiful tea drinking experience every time.

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