Pelvic Floor Exercises to Improve UI

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Remember those pregnancy classes? The ones where they told you how important it was to do your kegel exercises? Did you do them? I did – or at least I did until my daughter was born. Then I was too busy juggling diapers and 2am feedings to worry about kegel exercises. I was lucky I got time to shower every day.

Pelvic Floor Exercises to Improve UI #PeriCoachUS

Pelvic Floor Exercises to Improve UI

Now, at 48, I wish I had listened to the nurses when they told me how important it was to continue pelvic floor exercises like kegels even after my daughter was born. It would have helped with the occasion urinary incontinence (UI) I have to deal with. I didn’t really know anything about my pelvic floor at that point in my life but I certainly do now.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, ligaments and connective tissues that are in your pelvis. They help to support your bladder, bowel and uterus. When damage occurs or the muscles weaken, women may begin to experience pelvic floor disorders, like bladder leakage, pelvic organ prolapse or sexual dysfunction. This occasional leakage my happen more often during exercise, sneezing or laughing.

Pelvic floor exercises can help women who experience occasional leakage due to UI.  Studies have shown up to 70% improvement in symptoms of incontinence across all age groups following appropriately performed pelvic floor exercises. UI doesn’t need to get in the way of living a healthy, active life.

Pelvic floor muscles are muscles like in any other part of the body. Exercising them properly helps to restore tone and strength. PeriCoach helps with the training itself. It provides real-time feedback that is sent to your smartphone so you can track your progress. PeriCoach takes the guess work out of kegels and is also the first system to keep track of your results over time so they can be shared with a doctor or pelvic health physiotherapist.

PeriCoach combines a pelvic floor training sensor, that you insert and squeeze against, with an app on your smartphone (Android or iOS). It provides guidance through your training session and monitors your progress.

As part of the introduction of PeriCoach, the creators have developed “Leakers Anonymous,” which was produced by the creative team (Naama Bloom, Sara Saedi) behind the popular and ground-breaking HelloFlo videos (e.g., “Period Fairy,” “Camp Gyno”). The hilarious Leakers Anonymous is meant to take away the shame associated with the condition, ease the way into a conversation with a health care provider and give women inspiration and a solution to reduce or eliminate the problem.

Watch the video to learn more today.

Pelvic Floor Exercises to Improve UI #PeriCoachUS


  1. Jacqui Odell says
    You know..I never heard of doing a pelvic floor exercises, but it sounds interesting. In my opinion worth a shot if it helps. 
  2. Danielle K says
    This is great! Ever since I had my son I tend to leak a little so I know I really need to work on this. Thanks for sharing :)
  3. Myrah - Coupon Mamacita says
    This is such great news for all those women out there suffering from this after giving birth.  Going to share with my niece who suffers tremendously!
  4. Melissa Pezza says
    I'm bookmarking this! I don't have leakage issues yet, but after 3 kids, I know it's only a matter of time. I might as well be proactive!
  5. Victoria Sconion says
    YES working out and doing certain things can help with this issue. Having kids helped me realized that I'm not getting any younger and need to stay active. 
  6. Stephanie says
    Great reminder to do Kegels! I keep forgetting!
  7. Roxann Regenstreif says
    I can't see the video or where do I go to get the PeriCoach?

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