Paper Folding Birds Crafts

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Folding bird crafts have brought the pretty spring birds back to Vermont!  In the spring and summer, Marty and I enjoy watching the birds at our bird feeders. My favorites are the brightly colored song birds like the gold finches and the cardinals.  Marty loves watching the nuthatches as they walk down the tree head first. Spring and summer seem to be gone much too quickly in Vermont.  Before I know it, I see the green leaves turn to red and gold and many of the spring birds fly south for the winter.

I’ve tried paper folding bird crafts in the past, but the origami patterns were really too complicated for me.  My final result looked nothing like a bird and since the origami paper was all one color, it just didn’t look bird like at all. I received a beautiful paper folding bird crafts kit for review called (affiliate) “Beautiful Paper Birds” by Johan Scherft.  Inside Beautiful Paper Birds is everything that you need to create 16 beautiful bluebirds, lovely goldfinches and delicate nuthatches. There are 36 pre-printed project sheets and one bottle of glue as well as an instruction book that has detailed directions for cutting, gluing and folding the birds.

Paper folding birds crafts

Paper Folding Birds Crafts


  • (affiliate) “Beautiful Paper Birds” by Johan Scherft
  • 1 small branch
  • 1 quart Mason jar
  • 2 or 3 cups of small stones
  • glue or wire to attach the birds to the branch

Paper folding birds crafts


  • Make 1 or 2 birds with the paper folding bird crafts kit
  • Fill the mason jar 3/4 full with small stones
  • Put the branch in the center of the jar
  • Attach the birds to the branch with glue or wire

Paper folding birds crafts

I enjoy using pieces of nature in my crafts.  It gives my crafts a more natural and realistic look and these things are easy to find.  This paper folding bird crafts kit would work wonderfully in a variety of crafts.  The birds could be placed near a wooden bird house or even in a small bird cage or on a grapevine wreath.

The kit was a great way to create the birds. The directions were easy to follow and it showed each step. It just took patience to allow each thing to dry before you moved on to the next.

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  1. How cute!! That looks like it takes some patience, though - not sure if my bird would come out looking normal!! ha/ha  Pinned & Tweeted!
  2. They do look very life like. I want one! lol
  3. that is cute! Great way to bring a little spring inside during the winter!
  4. wow, that looks really cool!!
  5. Oh my goodness, that is way too cute... Thank you for sharing
  6. That is very cool, Ellen. I can't get over how real it looks.
  7. I love this and you made it so easy to follow so that we can give it a try!
  8. What, that is super cute.  My son LOVES Cardinals so he would love this for Christmas!
  9. I am so not creative, but I could maybe even do this!
  10. Tammilee Tillison says
    Wow, The cardinal is so cute! I am not sure I have the patience to put one together but it would be fun trying. 
  11. That is so pretty, Ellen, and it looks simple enough that I could do it too. 
  12. Nancy Lustri (StyleDecor) says
    Very cute. Wish I had talent to do these types of things! So cute!
  13. Lolli @ Better in Bulk says
    That turned out stunning! It's so detailed and it doesn't look like it was a bunch of flat paper. Cool!
  14. Whoa that looks awesome!!! I cannot believe folded paper did that. How cool!
  15. Debi@TheSpringMount6Pack says
    Oh that is amazing. It is so beautiful. I could see my girls stealing it constantly to play with though.
  16. these are gorgeous! i kind of want to get them for my hubby's great aunt but i'm not sure her arthritis would let her do them- what do you think?
    • Ellen Christian says
      It might be, Brett.  There is a lot of folding involved and if she has arthritis in her hands, it might be difficult for her.
  17. Oh now that is adorable! I just love this idea, so clever and cute! TY for sharing!
  18. That looks like a real little bird. What a fun craft. My oldest loves paper folding crafts. 
  19. Check it Out! with Dawn says
    How cool!  That looks awesome!  I love paper folding and I didn't even know a book like this existed!  Thanks for sharing!
  20. That is totally cool!!!!! Love it and it makes a great addition to the centerpiece!
  21. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says
    That has quite a bit of detail for being a paper bird. Pretty neat how it turns out!
  22. Grace Hodgin says
    Cardinals are my favorite birds. These looks so fun and a great accent decoration piece.
  23. My 5 year old LOVES bird, especially blue jays. I am going to have to do this craft with him.

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