Pantry Organization – Too Much Tea

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Pantry organization has been on my list of things to do for a while now. We don’t really have a pantry. What we have is a back area of the hallway that is blocked off with shelves that I store food in. It tends to be dark and fairly cluttered since there isn’t a lot of room back there.  I would love to have a pantry someday but there really isn’t room in our 1865 farmhouse.   I have been trying to slowly organize my pantry to declutter it a bit. We always try to keep several months of food on hand in case of an emergency.  If the weather is bad or something else prevents us from getting to the store, I definitely don’t want to run out of food. I noticed that I have lots of different boxes of tea scattered all over the place. That makes it hard to know what I have and what I need to buy.

While coffee may get me going in the morning, tea is my go to hot beverage for relaxation. If I want to pamper myself, I choose yerba matte or chai. If I want to relax, chamomile is my choice. Not feeling well? I choose peppermint or licorice. I have a bunch of different teas that my daughter and I enjoy drinking but I also have tea that people who visit regularly enjoy. I want to make sure I have their favorites when they visit. I’ve discovered that I have tea bags in a glass canister, boxes of tea bags in our over the door pantry organizer, and loose tea bags in the coffee cupboard.

Pantry organization

Pantry Organization – Too Much Tea

The first thing that I needed to do was to get everything in one place. There’s no way I could figure out what flavors I had or how many teabags I had of each type without doing that first. Basically I have two different types of tea (well three if you count k-cups).  I have tea that is in a paper cover that is labeled and I have tea that is in an unlabeled bag. The labeled tea bags were easy to deal with because I knew what they were even if I took them out of the box. The plain teabags were more of a problem.  I like to know what kind of tea I’m making so I needed them labeled some way. The unlabeled tea bags are more fragile than those in a cover so I didn’t want to just toss them in a glass canister or they would get torn. I also wanted to make sure that there was no cross contamination of tea flavor. I don’t want my chamomile to taste like peppermint.

Pantry organization

Pantry organization

I decided to remove all of the teabags that were labeled from their boxes and store them in a glass canister.  I could see easily what they were and take what I needed.   The unlabeled tea bags I put into plastic baggies along with the front of the tea box cut out so I could tell what they were. I took all of the plastic baggies and stored them in a plastic tub in the cupboard. Now everything is in one place when I need it and I can see exactly what I have.


If you are working on decluttering and organizing your home, I highly recommend the e-course, Decluttering Made Easy.

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  1. Tiffany C. says
    I love using glass in my pantry. Makes it look so elegant. I do that with cough drops. 
  2. Danielle says
    Great solution! We definitely have too much tea with various sizes and I'd love to find containers for them. 
  3. this is awesome. and now i want to know what your fave chai tea is if you like chai. 
  4. Jamie @ Roubinek Reality says
    This is a great solution to your tea problem! I definitely need to tackle our pantry soon and find ways to get everything where it belongs. I love the look of the glass containers.
  5. I need to organize my pantry too. This is a great idea to organize tea. I have too many boxes too!
  6. My pantry use to be very organized and I knew exactly what was it in. Not the last few months! I totally need to spend some time surveying before the new baby comes.
  7. Melissa M. Miller says
    I don't really have a pantry either.  I have my tea bags in plastic bins in my cupboard, BUT I have enough counter space where I could put some of the teabags in glass jars that I've been trying to figure out what to do with! Thanks for the great tip! I'm not very creative.

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