Organizing storage solutions in the kitchen

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We have a lot of pretty stemware that we don’t really use all that often. Mostly we use it for holidays when we have people over that drink – since we don’t. I don’t want to deal with packing and unpacking it every time someone comes over. I want it to be easily accessible without being in the way of my day to day kitchen activities.

I really need my cupboard space for other things – like food and smaller appliances I use regularly so I don’t want to put my stemware in the cupboard and take up space I’d rather use for something else. I was recently searching online and saw some really pretty stemware racks that would work well in our kitchen.

I’d really like a stemware rack that hung from the ceiling because that is the most out of the way but I’ve also seen glass racks that are free standing and can be rolled around the kitchen.  I also saw a really neat one that hung from the wall.  I think if we did go this way, I’d get one that had a cast iron look for and old world type design.  Since our house was built in 1865, I try to keep things sort of old fashioned looking when I can.

What do you think? How do you store your glassware?

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