Novosbed Aria Mattress Review: Memory Foam Mattress

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I’m sharing this Novosbed Aria Mattress review with you to help you make an informed decision. Like many families, a lot of the furniture in our home is second hand or hand me downs.  When we got married, we couldn’t afford to go out and buy all new furniture so we have been slowly replacing our existing furniture with new for several years now.  We started with the furniture that would be seen by guests in the kitchen and living room.   Since we rarely invite guests into the bedroom, those were the very last places we focused our attention. A product was provided. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Novosbed Aria Twin mattress review

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Novosbed Aria Mattress Review

Since we have finally finished in the kitchen and living room, my son’s room is the next place we are focusing our attention.  His bed is still in fantastic shape however he desperately needed a new mattress.  Not only was it worn, it was also very uncomfortable. When I was asked by Novosbed to review a mattress on my site, I knew that the Aria twin mattress would be perfect in my son’s room.

All of our current mattresses are the traditional style with coils.  While I have heard of memory foam mattresses, I had never owned one before.  When we received the mattress, it was rolled up tightly, compressed and packaged in 3 protective layers of plastic. We moved it on top of  David’s box spring and cut away the protective layers of plastic.   We unrolled it and the Aria twin mattress expanded over a few hours to its final size. The directions say that this expansion takes 4 to 6 hours but ours was ready much sooner than that.

Novosbed Aria Mattress Review

After it expanded, it was just a matter of putting the sheets on the bed since the Aria twin mattress came with an ultra-soft velour microfiber cover and nonslip-bottom. Our current sheets fit the mattress perfectly.  The Aria mattress is even allergen and dust-mite resistant which is perfect for allergies. The mattress has 11″ total thickness for supreme comfort and support. This is a breakdown of the layers:

  • 2″ of Premium Plush Memory Foam (4.1 lbs/ft3)
  • 2″ of Premium Memory Foam (5.2 lbs/ft3)
  • 7″ of Premium Support Foam (2 lbs/ft3)
  • Dual Novosflow promotes air circulation through the mattress

The Novosbed (Medium) - QueenThe Novosbed (Medium) – QueenThe Novosbed (Soft) - KingThe Novosbed (Soft) – KingThe Novosbed (Firm) - QueenThe Novosbed (Firm) – Queen

My Novosbed Aria Mattress Review

The Aria Twin Mattress (according to my son) is the most comfortable mattress he has ever experienced.   He falls asleep much quicker than before because it is so comfortable and there are no pressure points like in his previous mattress.  It also eliminates motion transfer like in a traditional mattress.  The Aria is a medium to a medium-soft mattress. They have mattresses that are both firmer and softer depending on your preferences but this was perfect for my son.

Novosbed Aria Twin mattress review

Here are a few points that I appreciate.

  • The Aria Twin Mattress is much more affordable than a traditional mattress. (Up to 50%)
  • It ships for FREE. Yes, totally free from them to you.
  • You can try it for 60 to 120 nights to make sure you like it. Risk-free. If you aren’t happy, send it back. They will even pay for return shipping.
  • It has a 25-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Novosbed Aria Twin mattress review

If you are considering replacing your current mattress, I highly recommend you visit for your new mattress. The quality and service I received were truly outstanding. I was thrilled to learn that they’re made in the USA (Manufacturing in the United States is subject to greater rigor than China – plus American environmental regulations are stricter than their Chinese counterparts.)

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