How to Enjoy National Happy Siblings Day

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Have you heard of National Happy Siblings Day? If you haven’t, you aren’t alone. Siblings Day isn’t a date that I was familiar with either. As a matter of fact, the day came and went much like any other day. National Siblings Day is a holiday that is celebrated every year on April 10th. Mark your calendar now for next year. Unlike Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it isn’t a federally recognized holiday, but it is a day where we should take the time to be extra thankful for our brothers and sisters. This post is brought to you by Netflix Stream Team.

How to Enjoy National Happy Siblings Day

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How to Enjoy National Happy Siblings Day

Now that my kids are older, they don’t see each other as often as when they were little. There are no more opportunities for playtime and far fewer family movie nights that include everyone. I try to encourage the kids to stay in touch with each other, even though they are living in separate towns. There are still a lot of great ways to enjoy National Happy Siblings day even as the kids get older. Or, if you’re like me, and your sibling lives in another state, these are some great ways you can celebrate together as well.

  • Stay in touch. Write a letter or an email. Make a phone call. Send a text. Skype is a great way for everyone to talk and see each other at the same time.
  • Make a digital collage.  How many photos do you have on our phone (or in your photo box) that could be made into a cute collage and then sent to everyone? I’m working on putting together scrapbook pages with the kids old photos. Then I can scan copies for everyone to enjoy. I love this one of the kids being silly on one of our family vacations last year.

How to Enjoy National Happy Siblings Day

  • Spend time together. For adults, if your sibling is close enough, make a date for lunch or a cup of coffee and get caught up on the good old days.
  • Find a special activity. If your children are still young, find a special activity to commemorate National Happy Siblings Day. Have them do a handprint craft or take a group photo of all the kids blowing bubbles or playing in the garden.
  • Do a small gift exchange. Spend some time thinking about what your sibling would truly enjoy and make them something. Do they rave about your chocolate chip cookies? Would they appreciate some of your homemade soap?
  • Have a throwback day. Get everyone together and watch a few of your favorite shows on Netflix. This works well for kids of all ages! If you’re looking for ideas, I recommend Master of None for teens and adults, All Hail King Julien for tweens, and Dawn of the Croods for kids.

How do you enjoy spending time with your siblings? Would you or the kids like one of these Netflix programs I recommended?

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