Must-Have Fitness Gear for Busy Women

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Are you wondering about must-have fitness gear? What do you need to keep on hand to stay in shape at home? Staying in shape is something that’s important to me. When I am in shape, I like the way I feel and I like the way I look. 

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Must-Have Fitness Gear for Busy Women to Get Fit

Must-Have Fitness Gear for Busy Women

I’m not going to tell you that I love working out. I like the satisfaction I get from completing a workout but I’ve never been one of those women who look forward to exercising.

It’s like doing the dishes, you don’t love doing them but you love that shiny sink when they’re done. This is the must-have fitness gear that I keep on hand.

Must-Have Fitness Gear for Busy Women to Get Fit

It’s not easy to fit a workout in on my busiest days.  I generally ride my exercise bike, do a quick yoga workout or I walk our neighborhood which is about 2 miles.  It usually takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

I could probably do it more quickly but I take time to smell the flowers along the way and take a few pictures. I find that having this must-have fitness gear lets me get out, get it done and get back home with little to no problems.

Must-Have Fitness Gear for Busy Women to Get Fit

When you head to the gym, you can expect that they have everything there you’ll need from the equipment to the resistance bands.

But, if you are working out at home, you need to make sure that you have these things on hand yourself.

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Must-have fitness gear to stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is so important! I have gotten lightheaded several times when I forgot to bring water. Even though you’re at home, you should still be sure that you have a water bottle on hand near you.

That way, you won’t need to stop your workout to go into the kitchen for water. You always run the risk of being distracted or losing motivation. This one helps remind me how much water to drink.

workout journal


Journal for motivation

Keeping track of the days I exercise and how I’m reaching my goals encourages me to work harder. While you can write in any notebook you have, it’s a lot more motivating to have a workout journal to use. Plus, it serves as a visual reminder to exercise.

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Workout clothes

If I am going to exercise, I am going to look good while I do it. No sloppy sweat pants and baggy t-shirts are happening here. Plus, it’s important that your clothes are supportive.

A good workout bra can go a long way in alleviating discomfort. Whatever type of clothes are on your must-have fitness gear list, be sure that they fit you properly.

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Athletic shoes

Don’t try to work out in just any shoe. Make sure you have adequate arch support. Learn more about how to buy athletic shoes and which type you need.

If you struggle with ankle support, make sure that you wear something like the ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage.

Athletic shoes are one of the most important items on your must-have fitness gear list.

Must-have fitness gear for your smartphone

There are tons of useful fitness apps that will measure steps, workout intensity, calories burned, etc. You can use an app that connects to your favorite must-have fitness gadgets or watches.

And, you can load up your favorite workout music and listen to it while you get in shape. Don’t forget to get a pair of wireless headphones so they don’t get in the way.

Remember that your must-have fitness gear list should include things that you can use to workout with and things that will motivate you.

It makes no sense to buy a balance ball, hand weights, resistance bands, and yoga mats that will sit in the corner unused. Choose the accessories you will actually use to get in shape.


Cute workout accessories

Staying motivated to workout isn’t easy. So, if cute workout accessories are what it takes, then get a few. These headbands are both practical and stylish.

And, I love this colorful workout bag. Or, how about this cute fitness towel. Whatever your must-have fitness gear is, make sure that you have things that will help keep you motivated.

If you work out with kettlebells, learn how to stop forearm discomfort while using kettlebells.

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  1. both my kids have sport injuries that bother them time to time-good idea for ACE bandage for support. Plus the older I get the more parts hurt! 
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