Dangers of Clay Cat Litter

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Are you wondering about the dangers of clumping cat litter? Keep reading for more information and to learn about a better alternative.

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Dangers of clay cat litter

Dangers of Clay Cat Litter

We’re very lucky to have three cats as part of our family.  I admit that they are totally spoiled and we see them as part of the family.  They’re like little fuzzy children and each of them has their own distinct personality.  

Just like I want the kids to be healthy, I want our cats to be healthy. So, I try to be aware of what they’re eating and make sure that they visit the vet regularly for health checks and immunizations.

I try to be aware of health issues for our cats but one thing that I wasn’t aware of was the dangers of clay cat litter. I had no idea. Just about all of the cat litter I see on the store shelves is your traditional clay cat litter.

It’s what cat owners have been using for years and I never really thought about how safe it was. I had never heard about the dangers of clay cat litter before but they definitely do exist.

Dangers of clay cat litter

Why not to use clumping cat litter

There are three basic reasons clay cat litter isn’t a good choice for your cats. It’s bad for the environment. It’s bad for you and it’s bad for your cat.

  • Clay is strip mined. Mining companies dig just below the earth’s surface to expose the veins of bentonite clay. Strip mining destroys landscapes, forests and wildlife habitats. Even if they repair the damage when they’re done, it takes years for the earth to return to what it was.
  • Clumping cat litter never biodegrades in the landfill. It will be there forever.  Over the lifespan of your kitty (roughly 15 years), you could be adding almost 2,000 pounds of used cat litter into the landfill.
  • Clay cat litter contains silica. Silica has been shown to cause cancer when inhaled.
  • Clay cat littler also contains sodium bentonite. This is the stuff that makes cat litter clump. It forms a solid mass which is why the clumps stay together. Unfortunately, it also forms a solid mass when your kitty ingests it as they groom their fur after using the cat box.

So what are the good options for cat litter?

Dangers of clay cat litter

Clay cat litter alternatives

 Swheat Scoop natural cat litter is clay free. Swheat Scoop is made from ground wheat which contains two natural properties (a starch and an enzyme) that make it a great option for you and your cats.

The manufacturing process exposes the starch of the wheat from the inside of the kernel which makes the product clump. It also exposes enzymes in the kernel which react with the enzymes in the cat waste to neutralize each other.

That’s how you end up with no odor – the natural and safe way.

We have switched to Swheat Scoop and it’s doing a great job. Our cats didn’t notice any change at all when we switched and it works just as well as the clay cat litter we were using before. With Swheat Scoop, I don’t have to worry about the dangers of clay cat litter any longer.

Find a retailer and pick some up today.

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  1. That's interesting info. I wonder how people extremely sensitive to gluten and/or wheat handle beinb around it.
  2. What an interesting cat litter. I never realized there was a huge difference between brands. I love that it natural and safe! I would totally use this on my cats!
  3. Hmm. I never knew that clay cat litter was bad!! I'm forwarding this to my mom who uses the clay! Thanks for the info :)

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