Minimalist Wedding Gifts for Simple Living

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If you’re looking for minimalist wedding gifts, you’re probably wondering how to choose something meaningful and useful. If the gift recipient is a fan of simple living, you’ll want to respect their ideals while choosing something they’ll value. 

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If you're looking for minimalist wedding gifts you're probably wondering how to choose something meaningful and useful.

Minimalist Wedding Gifts

My daughter is getting married next month and my son is getting married next year. So, I am in the middle of everything wedding right now. When my daughter and her fiance set up their wedding registry, they put a lot of thought into the types of gifts they would really treasure. And, there were a few things that people would consider minimalist wedding gifts on their list.

vacuum cleaner sitting on a rug

So, exactly what are minimalist wedding gifts? The gifts you choose for your wedding registry should be things that you will find useful in your life. And, they should be high quality so that they last as long as possible. What those specific gifts are will really depend on your lifestyle, but here are a few ideas that may work for you.

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Stand mixer
  • Air fryer
  • Silverware or dinnerware
  • Wine glasses and a decanter
  • Luggage
  • A barbecue grill

pewter pitcher and tray on a buffet

Gifts then and now

I wish that I had considered choosing more minimalist wedding gifts when I registered. I chose so many things that I never used. They simply sat in a closet for years. I had great intentions, but I should have made other choices.

My parents are in their 70s now. And, I am helping them declutter their home. During the process, my mother has shown me a few of the wedding gifts they received as gifts years ago. And, of course, they still have them today and treasure them. She has stories for every gift item including this pewter pitcher she received along with other items from a good friend. 

Sarah's bridal shower

My daughter has registered for things that fit her lifestyle which is much different than my parents. She’s added things like a stand mixer, a new comforter and a set of luggage.  She received a few of these things at her bridal shower. And, others will be received at their wedding next month.

Wedding registry survey of popular gifts

Erie Insurance recently conducted a survey that shared information about wedding registry gifts that couples didn’t register for but wish they had as well as gifts they are still happy they received versus ones they wish they hadn’t.

The survey also asked couples to share advice they had for new couples and the most unusual gifts they received. Check out the results here, you won’t believe a few of the unusual gifts people received. Which ones would you add to your minimalist wedding gifts registry?

silverware in a drawer

A few of the most wished-for items were robotic vacuum cleaners, a food saver, a bread machine, and luggage. And, the gift that respondents were still happiest they registered for was a stand mixer. Two bits of advice respondents offered were:

  • Register for your needs before your wants. This is especially important for those looking for minimalist wedding gifts. We are more likely to keep things that we need rather than things we want but may change our minds about in the future.
  • Register for things that are expensive that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself. A set of fine silver of fine china can last a lifetime if cared for and protected properly.

If you're looking for minimalist wedding gifts you're probably wondering how to choose something meaningful and useful.

Minimalist wedding gifts last a lifetime

One thing to remember when choosing minimalist wedding gifts or minimalist gifts of any type is that they need to last. There is no need to buy a vacuum each year if the first one you buy is top of the line and well made. Real silver will last so much longer than cheaper flatware you can find in a discount store.

Because you want them to last a lifetime, it’s important that they are taken care of. And, you should insure them in case of loss, damage or theft. Consider adding them to your homeowner’s policy.

a crystal bowl with apples

Erie Insurance protects people’s homes as well as their belongings. Did you know that there are limits that most homeowners’ insurance will cover when it comes to valuables like wedding gifts? Of course, if you’re considering what to add to your registry right now, be sure that you remember to add that engagement ring to your policy. 

Don’t forget to create your wedding registry.

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