Laundry Odor Removal Made Simple

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Are you frustrated trying to find a laundry odor removal method that’s natural? It seems like most of the ways I see for removing odors from laundry are just masking the odors with artificial fragrances. I’d rather remove laundry odors naturally rather than disguise them and have them come back again. 

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Laundry Odor Removal Made Simple [3 Easy Steps]

Laundry Odor Removal

Did you ever find that even after washing clothes odors are still noticeable? I found it happens with workout clothes, sports uniforms, and even blankets that I pack away after winter. Despite washing them several times, the odors are often still there. Some synthetic fabrics hold odors more than others so workout clothes can be especially frustrating.

I recently tried a Laundry Enhancer by EnvironKlenz for laundry odor removal. It uses a patented earth mineral technology that attaches to chemical and malodors and neutralizes them on contact. Regular detergents work by masking or slightly reducing the odors but are limited to the kinds of odors that they can remove. Chemical odors mesh themselves deep into fabrics and are sometimes almost impossible to get out using traditional methods and home remedies.

My thoughts:

The Laundry Enhancer by EnvironKlenz is safe to use on cotton, delicates, nylon, polyester, spandex, washable lace, washable rayon, washable wool, and any other fabrics that are safe to put through a wash cycle. You can use it in any washing machine. It is designed to remove sweat and body odors, musty and wet towels smell, chemical odors, and fragrances and perfumes.

Laundry Odor Removal Made Simple [3 Easy Steps]

You just add a heaping tablespoon of the Laundry Enhancer to a medium sized load of laundry. Then, you add your regular laundry detergent as you would normally. It also recommends that you use warm water to wash your laundry and a fragrance-free detergent. Since I use a fragrance-free detergent anyway, this worked perfectly for me.

I added the Laundry Enhancer by EnvironKlenz to our towels and workout clothes. Someone threw a wet washcloth into the laundry basket, and the clothes were starting to smell musty. I did my laundry as usual and just added the heaping tablespoon before I started the cycle. Then, I let it run through wash and dry.

Now, I have an all-in-one washer/dryer, so it goes from wash to dry in the same machine. I was very pleased that after the load was done, the musty smell was gone and my laundry smelled fresh and clean. I love that this is unscented and earth friendly.

Laundry Odor Removal Made Simple [3 Easy Steps]

Where to find

The Laundry Enhancer comes in a 30 load or 80 load size. The price is $19.99 or $39.99 depending on the size you purchase. That means that it costs you roughly .50 to .65c per load to use.  It’s color safe and non-bleaching, so you really can use it on just about anything you’d add to the washing machine. There is also a liquid laundry enhancer if you prefer that instead of powder. And, it works in my HE washing machine which is a definite plus.

I also learned that you could use this product to remove odors from your washing machine. If you have an HE washing machine as I do, you have probably noticed that it’s prone to odors at times.

If you’re looking for natural laundry odor removal, the Laundry Enhancer by EnvironKlenz is a great option. You may want to read about how I organized my laundry room next.

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  1. I hope this works on extra stink. My hunnies work clothes always smell so so bad and the stink sticks. Going to give this a shot!
  2. Im going to try this. I tried the perfumed downey dropins and hubby hated the scent. Ive got to try these.
  3. The Laundry Enhancer sounds wonderful. I tried kicking the dryer sheets & flowery smelling wash additives but my laundry just smelled bad. There was no fresh sunshine like you get from hanging on the clothesline. I'll have to try Laundry Enhancer & see if that makes a difference. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Oh I love finding natural products! This laundry odor removal sounds awesome. Thank you for letting us know about it.

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