Easy Kitchen Update Ideas for People a Budget

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Have you ever just gotten tired of the way a room looks and wanted to do something different to it? Last year, we looked into easy kitchen update ideas that would let me give the kitchen a new feel without going totally crazy on a remodel. We needed kitchen updates on a budget but wanted ideas that would change the design of our kitchen.

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Easy Kitchen Update Ideas on a Tight Budget

Easy Kitchen Update Ideas

There are quite a few easy kitchen update ideas you can do depending on how much money you have to spend. Of course, you also need to keep in mind the size of your kitchen when making your choices.

a kitchen with a counter and four modern stools on a wood floor

Updating a kitchen without replacing cabinets

One of the most expensive parts of updating a kitchen can be replacing cabinets. If that’s not in your budget, no worries, you can often give your existing cabinets a fresh coat of paint or new cabinet knobs and handles. If you want something really different, consider removing the doors and leaving the shelves open. Of course, you may want to declutter your kitchen first.

Easy Kitchen Update Ideas on a Tight Budget

Kitchen updates on a budget

One of the easiest kitchen updates on a budget is to change the appearance of your kitchen by changing the accessories. If you have always had a country kitchen with gingham curtains, try a more minimalist look with solid white tiebacks instead. Remember to change your towels, potholders, tablecloth, and placemats as well.

a chrome color touch kitchen faucet and a white counter top

Simple low budget kitchen designs

Some kitchen designs tend to be more expensive than others. If you have your heart set on shabby chic or a French country kitchen design, keep in mind how many extras you will need to purchase to achieve that design look. You may want to choose Modern or Minimalist instead which will be less expensive. The Vaughn™ Collection offers a variety of different kitchen faucets to achieve any look.

Easy Kitchen Update Ideas for People a Tight Budget

High style kitchen upgrades

One of the simplest ways to change the style of your kitchen is by changing your kitchen fixtures. You can go from dated to modern by changing out your old kitchen faucet for a new Danze pull down faucet.

How much will it cost to renovate my kitchen?

How much you spend really depends on your budget. Your kitchen renovation can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint and new curtains. Or, it can involve new appliances, fixtures, tables, and flooring.  If you’re considering replacing your kitchen fixtures, Danze has kitchen and bathroom fixtures for a variety of different budgets.

Easy Kitchen Update Ideas for People a Tight Budget

Updating your kitchen fixture design

Over the past decade, Danze by Gerber has been creating fun and refreshing experiences each and every day. With dozens of faucet collections, fixtures, showerheads, and accessories, available in a range of durable finishes, we’ll continue to delight and excite on all levels of design, function, quality, and experience. Danze by Gerber products are beautifully designed and backed by Gerber performance. Here are a few details about the Draper Collection and the Vaughn Collection.

Vaughn Collection

  • Transitional style
  • Kitchen pull down
  • Finishes are Chrome, Stainless Steel and Satin Black for Kitchen and Chrome, Stainless Steel, Satin Black, Brushed nickel for bathroom

Draper Collection

  • Updated classic style
  • Kitchen pull down
  • Finishes are Chrome, Stainless Steel for Kitchen and Chrome and Brushed Nickel for Bathroom

Learn more about how the Draper Collection and the Vaughn Collection can be a part of your kitchen update.

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