Prepare For Emergency Financial Needs

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Have you ever wondered how you would handle emergency financial needs if you’re not at home? When many people think of emergency preparedness, they think of extra food, first aid supplies, batteries and getting the garden planted each year. Those are all very important ways to prepare, but what about financial needs?

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Prepare for Emergency Financial Needs

What happens if there is an emergency when you’re not at home? Maybe you’re on vacation or you’ve traveled to a doctor’s visit that isn’t close to home. Or, in our situation, what happens when the kids are away from home and need help?

I’ve written several times about preparing for emergencies at home. You know that you need to set up an emergency preparedness food storage list. Also, you need to consider emergency preparedness for cats and other pets. But, what about your financial needs?

Prepare For Emergency Financial Needs When Far From Home

Financial emergency examples

Have you thought about how you’d handle being stuck at the airport for several days due to a flight that’s canceled because of bad weather? Or, what happens if your car breaks down and you’re stuck in an area away from home? What if one of the kids is away from home and needs money for an emergency?

Prepare For Emergency Financial Needs When Far From Home

How to prepare for financial emergencies

Many people rely on their credit cards for financial emergencies, but this doesn’t work in every situation. If the power is out, many businesses cannot accept credit cards. And, some people have maxed out their available credit line. Others may not have a reliable credit card. It’s always a good idea to carry some amount of cash with you just in case.

A few months ago, my son and his fiancée got stuck in the city during a very heavy storm that lasted several days. It was too treacherous to travel back home. The police were advising people to stay off the roads.

Prepare For Emergency Financial Needs When Far From Home

The two were stranded and needed to stay in the city until the roads were safe to travel again. But, they had nowhere to stay. Because all the hotels had raised their prices to nearly double due to the storm, there were no affordable rooms to be found. They needed emergency financial assistance to get a room and food until the storm had passed.

Thankfully, we were able to transfer them money, so they could get a room. I’m not sure what would have happened if we had not been able to get the money to them. They could not have afforded the reservation on their own. I seriously doubt that they would have made it back home over the mountain in the storm.

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