How to Make Healthier Choices for the New Year

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Are you trying to make healthier choices? It’s hard to believe that it’s almost a new year once again. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I was setting goals and making plans for 2016. Now, it’s almost 2017, and I find myself thinking about how to make healthier choices again. Some of my goals I accomplished and some I did not. What I did learn is that it’s easiest to make changes in small ways rather than in large. Here are a few steps I’m taking that I hope will inspire you.

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How to make healthier choices for the new year

How to Make Healthier Choices

No, you don’t have to completely revamp or reinvent your family’s lifestyle to make healthier choices. It’s really a matter of planning ahead and deliberately choosing how you handle meals, movement, and other matters rather than reacting without thinking.

I start every new year with huge plans and inevitably I fail because I don’t make huge changes well. This year, I’m focusing on small changes so I’ll have a better chance of sticking to them.

How to Make Healthier Choices for the New Year

Start Small

I love scented candles and other types of air fresheners but the ones you buy at the grocery store contain toxic chemicals that no one should breathe. It’s easy enough to toss in some citrus peels and cinnamon sticks to simmer on top of the stove.

Or invest in a diffuser to diffuse essential oils. I keep one right next to my desk and alternate between lavender for stress and Nature’s Shield when anyone has the sniffles. Make small changes that are easy for you to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Live Meaningfully

Did you ever feel like you are moving through life on auto-pilot? Like you aren’t really thinking about what you’re doing but instead just acting on impulse. I find myself doing that a lot and that sometimes means I don’t really make the best decisions.

 By really focusing on my choices and my actions, I hope that it will reduce my stress level and result in a healthier lifestyle. I really love the message that The Minimalists are sharing and their book, Everything that Remains, is really helping me. Start with changes that mean the most to you because they’ll be easiest to stick with.

Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp

Big Impact

Choose changes that will have a big impact for your family and for yourself. The air we breathe in our homes should make us feel better, not worse. In too many homes, air can be unhealthy because of second-hand smoke, household chemicals, and allergens.

Add a few Salt Lamps to your home to help clean the air. They release negative ions into the air to help clean it. Changes that involve more than just you are often easier to commit to.
How to Make Healthier Choices for the New Year

Take Baby Steps

One of my goals is to reduce my caffeine consumption. I’m pushing six cups of coffee a day and I’d like to scale that back to three. Instead of going from six to three overnight, I’ll work back slowly from six to five, etc.

Each day, I’ll try replacing one cup of coffee with a cup of herbal tea until I feel I can scale back one more. This Blooming Tea is on my list to try soon.

Whatever steps you make for 2017, try to make a few healthier choices. I hope that some of my suggestions have inspired you.

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  1. Good luck on reducing your coffee consumption--a worthy goal. I worked on mine last year and now don't even crave it. Last week I didn't even go to Starbucks for my free birthday coffee. I used my Starbucks gift card on some great sale mugs too. I used to have no problem going through a whole pot in a day, when I was going to school along with working. I did well on my no sugar goal this year too but am most proud of gaining some muscle--that was my number one goal this year I wrote about, owned and wanted to be held accountable for. I do better when I focus on just a few goals, rather than failing at several, lol. Happy New Year!

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