What Are Your New Years Resolutions?

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What are your New Years resolutions?  Are you still sticking to them or have you forgotten a few of them?  National Vitamin Day is today – January 29th.  Today is the perfect reminder to myself that I’ve stepped off track for a few of my New Years resolutions. I start the year off with great intentions but then life gets in the way and they seem to fall behind.  Today, I’m looking at life with a renewed sense of purpose. Those New Year’s resolutions are important to me, to my health, and to my family.  I made a pledge to get healthy and I plan on keeping it even if I stumble a few days. I need to focus on doing things like choosing the right healthy foods and remembering to exercise each day.

What are your New Years Resolutions

What Are Your New Years Resolutions

A healthy diet and exercise are tough for me some days.   When I don’t pay attention to me, I tend to have too much coffee and diet soda and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet.  That’s why it is so important that I remember to take a daily vitamin.  Some days, I know that I don’t get the vitamins and nutrients that I’m supposed to from the foods I eat. Taking a daily vitamin can ensure that I am getting the nutrients my body needs to be healthy.   If I’m not healthy, there is no way that I can take care of my family. When I don’t put me first, I get sick more often. When I”m sick, I get stressed because I don’t have the energy to do what needs to be done. Taking care of me is taking care of my family.

Here are a few tips I’m using to help stay on track with my New Years resolutions:

  • Have a visual reminder – Put a picture of a skinny you (or skinny someone) on the refrigerator to remind you not to snack.
  • Set out your workout clothes the night before to remind you to exercise before work.
  • Leave a re-usable water bottle on your computer desk while you’re working to remind you to drink more water.
  • Put the exercise bike near the television to make it more convenient to ride your bike.
  • Buy cut up vegetables at the store so you’re more likely to grab a handful of them instead of chips.
  • Set a timer on your computer or cell phone to remind you to take your vitamin.

What Are Your New Years Resolutions?

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What are your New Years resolutions and how are you doing with them?

What are your New Years resolutions?

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16 thoughts on “What Are Your New Years Resolutions?”

  1. My resulotion is not the most unique one in the world - I am on a diet trying to lose 10 kilos. I have managed to lose 2,5 and that's still something! I also joined the local gym...it is sometimes hard to get up from the cozy apartment and walk there when it is raining cats and dogs outside but after I am done with the workout I feel amazing and full of positive energy. I love your tips, I actually do all of that! Especially with water - I am supposed to drink at least 2 litres per day so I bought the big bottles and write down the date on them so I can check how much I have already drunk! :)
  2. My resolution is to eat healthier and exercise frequently. So far it's going ok...yet to reach great but atleast it's somewhere, right?
  3. I am trying hard to remember to take my vitamins. I love pills I dont have to swallow with water...some of them are huge and make me rather nauseous!
  4. I need to start taking vitamins, because as much as I wish I got all the necessary elements in the food that I eat, it's just not the case!
  5. Nice review of Nature made's aid in helping you with your New Years Resolutions!  Also, went over to check them out on Facebook too from here..they have a great page, thanks for introducing us to it!
  6. I need to find a new everything vitamin. I tried one last year that made me pee highlighter yellow and didn't think that was normal. I was on one that I LOVED but it is made with soy which I had to stop because I become allergic. So now I am in the market for one processed without soy or wheat.
  7. I have always been a vitamin girl. Working in a Herbal Product Store for a decent part of life.... SO IMPORTANT. Great post! xxoo Tairalyn
  8. Great reminder to take my vitamins. My goal for the year is to take care of my emotional health and the rest will follow. 
  9. My husband just opened a gym, so my work outs are now mandatory! Vitamins are part of my daily routine... have not tried this brand yet...
  10. I resolved this year to be kinder to myself and listen to my body. Vitamins are definitely something I added to. I just feel better when I seem to take them.

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