How to Divide Plants

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I love gardening and spending time outside.  If I had my way, I would be at the garden center every day buying new plants, bushes, and flowers.  Sadly, I only have so much room in the garden for plants. Each spring I find myself having to divide the plants because they are getting too crowded.

How to divide plants

How to Divide Plants

 Not everyone knows that you often need to divide plants to continue to have blooms year after year.  When the plants get too crowded, they compete for the nutrients in the soil and they just don’t get enough to be healthy.  Dividing them allows them to have the room they need.

  • Typically, if the plant comes back year after year (perennials), it will need to be divided occasionally.
  • When your plant has grown to twice its size in about two or three years, it will need to be divided. Today I am dividing and transplanting my Egyptian Walking Onions into their new home.
  • Spring is the best time to divide plants because the plant’s root system is not as developed.
  • Soak the plants well the day before you plan on dividing them or divide them the day after a good rainfall. It is less shock to the plant that way.
  • Before you dig up your plants to divide them, decide where the ones you dig up are going to go. Make sure you have a hole dug already so the divided plant is out of the ground for as little time as possible.

How to divide plants

  • Using a shovel with a sharp edge, dig up and lift out the entire plant you want to divide.
  • Try to get as much of the rootball as possible without damaging the plant.
  • Starting in the center of the plant, carefully pry the plants apart.  If you are working with a large clump, you may need to use two shovels to pry it apart in the center.

How to divide plants

  • Continue separating until the plant will fit in the area you have prepared for it.
  • If you only want to remove a small portion of the plant and it does not have a huge root system (like spreading ground cover),  you can simply dig up the portion that has spread to far.  Make sure you still water your plant well the day before to keep it from being shocked.
  • Replant the new plant in its new location as quickly as possible and water well.  Remember not to do this in the hottest part of the day or leave your plant out in the sun too long.

How to divide plants

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Resources to divide plants:

[prosperInsert q=”divide plants” gtm=”merchant” v=”list” id=”The_Gardener’s_Guide_to_Propagation:_Step-by-Step_Instructions_for_Creating_Plants_for_Free,_from_Propagating_Seeds_and_Cuttings_to_Dividing,_Layering_and_Grafting~Propagating_Your_Plants:_Sowing_Seed,_Taking_Cuttings,_Dividing,_Layering_and_Grafting,_Shown_in_540_Photographs_and_Illustrations~” ft=”fetchProducts” imgt=”original” fb=”The_Gardener’s_Guide_to_Propagation:_Step-by-Step_Instructions_for_Creating_Plants_for_Free,_from_Propagating_Seeds_and_Cuttings_to_Dividing,_Layering_and_Graftingquery_divide plants_~Propagating_Your_Plants:_Sowing_Seed,_Taking_Cuttings,_Dividing,_Layering_and_Grafting,_Shown_in_540_Photographs_and_Illustrationsquery_divide plants_~” ni=”true”][/prosperInsert]

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  1. I've never heard of walking onions.  I'll have to investigate
    • Ellen Christian says
      They are really cool.  In the fall, a little tiny onion bulb will form on the end of the green part.  The green part will fall over (or walk) and the little bulb will plant itself and grow a new one next year.  I harvest some & leave some to continue the plant's growth.
  2. maria @ close to home says
    I would love any of the sun protection clothing. I spend a lot of time in the garden as well.
  3. That reminds me, I need to divide my irises. I suspect that while they're blooming (they're gorgeous this year!) is not the time to do it, though.
  4. Thanks, Ellen! I'll do that.
  5. I would get the "Precision Engraver" for my husband.  Also, I'm having issues with my lilies in the garden being too packed together - do you think this would work for them, too? as far as separating?  Great post!!
    • Ellen Christian says
      Hi Jamie - Yes, definitely divide the lilies!  Make sure you do it before the flower bud forms or wait until next spring!
  6. I think I would use it towards a Longtail T Shirt or two.  My son is 14 and 6'3" and I have a horrible time in my small town buying clothes for him.  They are way too big, but buy extra large just for the length...
  7. Derrick Johnson says
    I would use it on some new overalls and work gloves since the ones I have are basically worn out.
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  9. I'm learning so much about gardening from you! I had no idea about dividing plants. I just thought you could put them wherever LOL. Shows you how little I know about gardening!
  10. I think I'd choose the Women's Short Sleeve Floral Overtime Crew in the Khaki print. My husband just built me a raised bed garden and I can't wait to plant veggies! Thanks!
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    i like the Men's Shoreman's Fleece Jacket
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  16. I would use it for a 3 pack of Nearly Naked Garden Gloves.
  17. I am just getting into planting bulbs. They don't do so well in the south but I am hoping to find a few heat tolerant ones that will really take off.
    • Ellen Christian says
      That must be a challenge.  Bulbs really like that cold snap to rest for the next year.
  18. Tiffany Cruz says
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  20. I divide my saffron crocus
  21. I'd get the Emerald Green 3/4 sleeve Henley . Thanks for the dividing tips! inalak at msn dot com
  22. Walking Onions? Never heard of the before. You learn something new everyday! Thank you for sharing on Fluster’s Creative Muster Party! Robin Fluster Buster
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  24. Elizabeth says
    These gloves look really nice:
  25. Stephanie says
    I would use the gift card on a nice bag and possibly a pocket knife! i am in need of one. Thank you!
  26. Amy Honious says
    first of all, i love duluth trading!  i think if i win, i would have to get a pair of the ladies' gardening overalls!  i don't know about you, but whenever i garden (especially in front yard), i tend to give a show from the rear,lol.  thanks for the great giveaway!
  27. I have wanted a Cobra head weeder for a long time!
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  45. I like the quick dry convertable pants.
  46. I would like the Women's Short Sleeve Action Shirt but I also like the Three Dog Fleece Hoodie & Flex Fire Hose® 12" Shorts. Would be a tough decision.
  47. Excellent.  Thanks for this post. I am needing to divide SO many of our plants. The landscape is very over-run as it was ignored for many years and we are new owners. 
  48. Thanks so much for sharing this in my gardening linky this week! I really need to do this to my day lilies but have never divided plants before! Great tips!
  49. I can't plant bulbs of any kind. Chip munks & squirrels dig them up as soon as I plant them and go into the house. Sometimes they just leave them there for me to see. It's very discouraging. Any ideas?
    • Ellen Christian says
      Hi Marilyn - Try sprinkling red pepper flakes around the bulbs when you plant them. It won't hurt the squirrels or chipmunks but they don't like it either so they won't try to eat them.


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