DIY Curtain Rods To Add Style To Your Windows

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Are you looking for an easy weekend project? Check out these easy DIY curtain rods that will dress up your windows. Why settle for those plain old metal curtain rods when you can make one of these stylish alternatives.

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DIY Curtain Rods To Add Style To Your Windows

DIY Curtain Rods

So, if you want to do something a little bit different to your windows, these DIY curtain rods will help you change the way they look. Like many people, I don’t have a huge budget for home decor. So, while I like to change the way my home looks, I need to do it on a budget.

How can I hang curtains without a rod?

If you don’t have a curtain rod, you can either make DIY curtain rods or you can use nails or tacks to attach the curtain to your windows. Unless you really don’t care about what happens to your curtains, I’d try looking for a unique alternative to curtain rods.

peach curtains hanging over an open door

How do I make curtain rods out of conduit?

It’s relatively simple to make curtain rods out of conduit. You need a few simple supplies to get started. And, you should check out this DIY curtain rods tutorial by Lovely, etc which explains the exact steps you need to take.

What can I use in place of a curtain rod?

So, anything that looks similar to a curtain rod can be used in place of one. That means that you can use a PVC pipe, rope, conduit, a tree branch, or even a copper pipe. These will all give your windows a unique look that really draws attention.

Because we live in the country, I really love the idea of using a branch or a piece of driftwood in place of a curtain rod. It’s inexpensive and it could be easily replaced if you want to change your style. If I were looking for a DIY curtain rod, that is probably the option that I would try first.

sheer white curtains hanging on silver conduit

10 minute DIY curtain rods

So, if you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of time to put into this home decor project. I love easy ways to make my home look nicer. So, I wanted to share a few easy 10 minute DIY curtain rods that you can make in just a few minutes. A DIY pipe curtain road would be easy enough for just about anyone to make.

  • I love the way this curtain rod came out with just a few simple things that you probably have on hand. Plus, there’s an amazing video that shows you exactly what you need to do to create it. Check out this post by Heathered Nest.
  • Or, if you enjoy the rustic decor, you can make simple DIY curtain rods from pieces of driftwood and branches you have outside. Check out his easy DIY from Coastal Kelder. I love it!

DIY Curtain Rods To Add Style To Your Windows

More unique alternatives to curtain rods

I love these easy DIY curtain rods. If you have a window that’s in a corner, or it’s longer than most windows, it can be tough to find a curtain rod to fit. This corner curtain rod hack by Repurpose and Upcycle is a unique way to make a DIY curtain rod for a corner window.

DIY Curtain Rods To Add Style To Your Windows

But it’s too short!

How can you make your curtain rod longer? If you need to make a new curtain rod because your current one isn’t long enough, there is an easier solution. You can buy a central bracket that will support the center of your curtain rod and allow you to make it longer. This is a helpful article that may help you get started.

DIY Curtain hooks with ribbon

What about the hooks?

So, now that you have a snazzy new DIY curtain rod, what about the hooks?  There are several DIY curtain hooks options. You can use shower curtain hooks if you have some of those on hand. These gorgeous bronze oil rubbed shower hooks would look stunning. Or, you can use pieces of ribbon tied into a loop and hang your curtains that way. 

If you like the rugged look, why not try a set of carabiners instead of curtain hooks? They would look great with DIY pipe curtain rods!

If you’re looking for a unique alternative to curtain rods, I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to try. 

DIY Curtain Rods To Add Style To Your Windows

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