Honeymoon Cystitis Relief

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Honeymoon cystitis is basically cystitis that’s caused by romantic activity. Why is it called honeymoon cystitis? … because women on their honeymoon are generally more active romantically than those of use who have been married a long time. Face it, 25 years of him leaving dirty clothes on the floor in the bedroom or forgetting to put the seat down in the bathroom can put a damper on those romantic feelings. This post is brought to you by Cystex.

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Honeymoon Cystitis Relief

The symptoms of honeymoon cystitis are the same as traditional cystitis. There is a burning sensation when you urinate and you feel like you have to go to the bathroom every five minutes. If you think this is unpleasant during your normal day to day activities, imagine how unpleasant it is if you’re on your honeymoon. Women having sex for the first time or who have intense frequent sex after a period of abstinence are at risk for honeymoon cystitis.

Approximately 80% of premenopausal women with a UTI have had sex within 24 hours of contracting the UTI. To avoid getting honeymoon cystitis and prevent a UTI, drink plenty of water on a regular basis – at least 6 glasses and make sure that you void both before and after sex. Keep your immune system at its best by getting plenty of sleep and making healthy food choices.

Finding honeymoon cystitis relief that works quickly is important so you can focus on your special time with your new husband. First try soaking in warm, non-soapy water. Don’t add bubbles, fragrance and additives as those can be irritating. Just use plain warm water. Cystex PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets are an over the counter medication designed to help ease the pain, discomfort and progression of infection while you wait to see your physician. For women interested in boosting bladder health and/or are at risk for re-occurring UTIs, take one daily tablespoon of Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex to decrease the frequency of infection with one tablespoon of the proprietary blend supplement daily. Cystex products can be purchased at mass retailers including Walmart and Rite Aid.

You probably remember your honeymoon and most of us probably remember a honeymoon mishap. Hopefully, for you it didn’t include “burning love” from a UTI. For me, it was the fact that it rained and because our wedding and honeymoon plans were outside, I almost got totally soaked. We had to get married underneath a tree to avoid the rain drops. You can see the rain in the lake behind use. My husband could see how stressed out I was about the rain drops and kept sticking his tongue out at me to get me to relax. It didn’t work. Thankfully, we avoided most of the rain but it definitely wasn’t a fun experience for me.

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