Home Office Ideas in Small Spaces

Last Updated on March 28, 2020 by Ellen Christian

I love working at home but it has challenges too. Some days I fantasize about having an office with lots of space and a door … that locks. Until I do, I have had to be creative when looking for home office ideas in small spaces. My home office is in the corner of the living room and I try very hard to keep it from looking like a home office.

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Home Office Ideas in Small Spaces

One of the best suggestions I have for not letting your home office look like a home office is to use furniture that has a variety of different uses and lots of extra storage space. You can see that this coffee table I received from Sauder Woodworking Company started off in my bedroom at the foot of my bed.

I decided that I needed a bit more storage space in my home office so I relocated the coffee table downstairs into the living room. Since my office is in the back of the living room, the coffee table is behind the couch where I use it to organize reference books, products, office supplies, etc. When I have a lot of packages to organize, I keep my home office organized by putting the product in decorative baskets. That way my living room doesn’t look like a package delivery warehouse.

When I’m more caught up, I add a stack of reference books and a scented candle for a less cluttered look. I can use the same baskets that I had upstairs in the bedroom for added storage in my home office. Choosing furniture that I can add baskets to is a huge help but any added storage space would work so look for drawers, cupboards or even chests that can double as home office furniture. No one will ever know that behind closed doors lies a ton of paperwork to do or packages to handle.

Home office ideas in small spaces

When I get busy again, I can easily move the books to the lower level to stand beside the baskets and I will have room on top once again for extra boxes. I could add another basket on top to hold smaller items as well or add an inbox to hold paperwork that needs to be processed.

Have you considered adding closet space?