25 Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

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Healthy Easter basket ideas can be a welcome addition to a bit of chocolate.  My kids love the candy in their Easter basket but I like to balance it a little bit with healthy treats. 

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25 Healthy Easter Basket Ideas to Fill Your Basket

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Too much candy in their Easter basket is not only tempting to them, it’s tempting to me as well.  I don’t need to hear them pestering me for candy weeks after Easter is over.  Even more, I don’t need to be tempted by looking at a basket full of sugary treats day after day. Healthy Easter basket ideas don’t have to be boring, though! 

Healthy Easter basket ideas can be both fun and functional.  No one wants to receive an Easter basket full of socks and underwear so make sure that you balance both the useful things and the fun things.

What to put in a healthy Easter basket

  1. Stickers. Toss a sheet or two in their Easter basket whole or cut them out individually and put them in plastic eggs.
  2. Crackers. You don’t need to hide only candy in your plastic eggs.  Small cheese crackers or animal crackers are a perfect size for eggs.
  3. Art supplies. Depending on your child’s age, a new pack of crayons or (for older kids) cute pens and highlighters are a great choice.
  4. Cards. Cute card games like Uno, Old Maid or even a regular pack of playing cards are fun to receive and will keep your kids occupied for a few hours.
  5. Money.  Younger kids will be excited by a few quarters but you may have to include bills to impress your older children.
  6. Fruit leathers.  My kids love fruit leathers and dried fruit.  There are several varieties that are individually packaged.
  7. Toothbrush and toothpaste.  It’s never too early to encourage good dental hygiene. Make it a fun one with music that vibrates.
  8. Legos. Legos are a huge hit in my house to this day. I even have a collection of Lego people on my desk. How about a Lego Easter Chick?
  9. Fun Socks. You may not want to put a package of plain white socks in your basket, but what about Easter Bunny Socks?
  10. Hair Ties. Of course, this idea probably only works for girls, but how about a package of cute hair ties or barrettes.
  11. DVD. Include an Easter or spring themed DVD in your child’s basket. Even older kids will enjoy their favorite movie.
  12. Ear buds. My kids go through these like water so they are always excited to get a new pair.
  13. Water bottle. Does your child enjoy sports? I’m sure they would love a new water bottle in their basket.
  14. Sidewalk chalk. You can make your own or pick up a box at Walmart. Either way, it’s loads of fun.
  15. Jump rope. Encourage your child to go outside and get active. Even better, get one for yourself too and join them.
  16. Lip balm. Look for one that is petroleum free. We love Burt’s Bees lip products in my home.
  17. Coloring books. How about a new coloring book, activity book or for older kids, a word search book.
  18. Puzzles. My kids used to spend hours putting puzzles together. Even adults enjoy a new puzzle.
  19. Bubbles. It may not be summer yet, but soon enough your child will love going outside and blowing bubbles.
  20. Beach toys. Depending on where you live, your child may enjoy a few new toys to take to the beach.
  21. Seeds. Give your child a pair of gardening gloves and a package of vegetable or flower seeds to encourage a love of gardening.
  22. Small toys. What about small cars, dinosaurs, or little pocket dolls? Toys don’t have to be large to be fun.
  23. Marbles. Again, these are hours of fun especially if your child has someone to play with.
  24. Fishing supplies. Does your child enjoy fishing? Do you wish they did? Start them off with a Kid’s Fishing Rod.
  25. Gift card. If you don’t want to add any more physical items to your home, how about a gift card for a game or book download?

Do you have any other healthy Easter basket ideas?

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  1. We usually do coloring books, an Easter themed reading book and a few pieces of candy but not a lot as my daughter is super picky and doesn't like 75% of what's out there.

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