Haan Multiforce Pro Review

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Considering the Haan MultiForce Pro SS-25? Learn more about the latest floor cleaner that works both inside and outside of your home.

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Haan Multiforce Pro review

Haan Multiforce Pro Review

I can think of about a million things that I would rather do than scrub my floors. As much as I like to have a clean house, I have no intention of scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees the way my Grandmother did. That doesn’t mean I don’t want a shiny clean floor though.  

I just want someone else to do it for me.  While I have a housekeeper come in once a month, my floors need attention much more often than that.  Between carrying wood in every day and the fact that my kids never remember to take their shoes off, my kitchen floor needs mopped at least every other day. Don’t even get me started on the bathroom.

I have been searching for something that can handle all of the floors in our home.  The kitchen and living room are hard wood but they are not sealed because they are old so I cannot steam them.  Our bathroom and pantry are vinyl so they can be steamed.  Our upstairs is carpeted and occasionally needs steaming as well.  

What is the Haan Multiforce?

I haven’t found anything that would work on ALL of our floors until I found the Haan Multiforce Pro.  The Haan Multiforce Pro can handle carpet, tile and vinyl, hard wood & laminate, and even outdoor surfaces like your deck or patio.

Haan Multiforce Pro Review

Haan Steam Cleaner review

The Haan Multiforce Pro can be used in several different modes depending on which type of surface you are working on.  For our kitchen, with wood that is untreated in areas, I used it in CR-Motion (scrubbing) mode without the steam.  

It scrubbed away the dirt and grime without steaming the wood.  I simply sprayed an eco-friendly cleaner of my choice on the floor and let the scrub brush attachments do their job.  

You never put anything but plain water in the water tank. I love this feature because I can use as much or as little cleaner of my choice when I clean the floors.

Haan Multiforce Pro Review

Haan Steam Mop review

For our vinyl bathroom floor, I used the steam with the CR-motion because it needed to be scrubbed and steamed to return the shine. If the floor were in a less trafficked area of our home, the steam alone with the buffing pads would have worked wonderfully to bring back the shine without scrubbing.

If you want to do a carpet, you simply attach the carpet glide attachment to freshen, deodorize and sanitize your carpet and rugs.

Here  are the highlights:

  • The Haan Multiforce Pro cleans indoors and out.
  • The 2 pads move back and forth at a rate of 850 cycles per minute to scrub, buff and clean
  • It is chemical free and uses 100% steam to safely clean and sanitize around children and pets
  • There are 20 steam jets to focus steam where it’s needed most
  • It has a removable water tank that can be easily filled at the sink
  • There is a swivel head for hard-to-reach spaces
  • It includes carpet glide to refresh carpet with 2 sets of reusable ultra-microfiber pads for extra cleaning time

Haan Multiforce Pro Review

Using the Haan Multiforce Pro

The Haan Multiforce Pro is very lightweight and compact. It’s easy to store out of the way and has a hook so you can wrap the cord up when you are done.  It gets up nice and close to the edge of the floor and is compact enough to fit under the bottom of the kitchen cupboard.

I love the flexibility of being able to do a variety of different floor types with one unit. I hate having to have different types of mops and steamers depending on what room I am cleaning.

The Haan Multiforce Pro has definitely made cleaning easier for me. You can find the cleaner and spare parts on Amazon. Or, contact Haan directly.

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  1. I hate scrubbing my floors, and I have to do it a lot now because I have a 10 month old who loves to throw food all over the place, and also eat any little spec of anything she finds laying around on the floor.  This would definitely come in handy!  I don't like to get down on my hands and knees to scrub either.  I have a bad back and can't handle doing that. 
    • I agree, Mindy, scrubbing on your hands and knees just bothers my back too much. This makes it so much easier.
  2. This sounds perfect! Like you, we have many different floors in our home, and I hate having to pull out something different as I move room to room.
  3. very cool.  I need one of those.  I hate cleaning floors as well. So many floor cleaning products leave a residue behind.  I may have to try this.
  4. That looks like an awesome floor cleaner.. I'm always in need of something that actually CLEANS my floors... thanks for sharing, always liked Haan products, will need to check it out.
  5. Oooh that looks amazing! I can practically see my reflection on your floor now ;) I need something like this, this winter was brutal, our floors look terrible!
  6. A year later, and I still am in love with my Haan! It doers such a streak-free clean that no chemical can achieve!
  7. Okay thanks for mentioning that you spray the floors with cleaner and then use the scrubby tools on your kitchen floor. I have a steam mop that I'm quite happy with but have only used the water steam feature on it because I don't want to keep buying their expensive refill cleaner....never ever thought to spray the floors with my own cleaner first and then steam them. Brilliant. ;)
    • LOL I thought it was a pretty good idea too. That way I can use whatever kind  of eco-friendly cleaner I have on hand.
  8. I have heard great things about Haan! I haven't used one myself, but am very tempted to based on all the features and great reviews. 
  9. i LOVE steam cleaning!!  i feel like it does a better job than a regular mop does and it's safer for my kids and pets
  10. Oh my goodness, it sounds like the perfect tool for my home!  I love the scrubbing motion of the pads, which would be a big bonus in my kitchen!  I had never heard of this brand.  Thanks so much for sharing, Ellen!
  11. We have all laminate flooring, so we're mopping a lot of floors. LOL This looks like a very handy mop to have around. I like that the pads move back and forth; I don't think I've seen one that does that. Would help get up all the dirt and grime, especially in the kitchen and mud room.

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