Dangerous Chemicals in Your Home

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Are you aware of the dangerous chemicals in your home?  Did you know that these toxic chemicals are often hidden in places you wouldn’t expect to find them? Sure, we all know that there are probably chemicals in the garage, maybe in our garden shed, and possibly in our household cleaners. Did you know that you can also find them in toys and other children’s products, personal care items, furniture, electronics, food and beverage containers, building materials, fabrics, and car interiors?

Dangerous Chemicals in Your Home #MC #FightToxins

Dangerous Chemicals in Your Home

Did you know that there are more than 80,000 chemicals available in the United States that have never been fully tested for their toxic effects on our health and environment? Scientists have linked exposure to toxic chemicals to many health risks including Cancer, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, asthma, birth defects, and reproductive problems.

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed in 1976 but unlike other major environmental laws, has never been updated. As it currently stands today, tens of thousands of potentially harmful chemicals continue to be used in the marketplace since the 1970’s without proper testing and without disclosure by the companies that produce them.

This is completely unacceptable. If a product in my home contains a toxic chemical, I want to know about it. If my family is exposed to one of these dangerous toxins, I have the right to be aware so that I can choose to limit exposure. People need to be aware that of the 80,000 synthetic chemicals introduced into the market since the Toxic Substances Control Act was passed in 1976, the EPA has required testing on less than 10%.

I try to take little steps to reduce exposure to dangerous chemicals. Using toxic free products is just one way I try to be more eco-friendly. When I buy cleaners, I make sure to choose all natural cleaners. I look for personal care products that use high quality natural ingredients. I garden starting with organic plants using soil that hasn’t had dangerous chemicals added to it. I try to avoid bringing chemicals into the house in any form.

Dangerous Chemicals in Your Home #MC #FightToxins

I want these dangerous chemicals to be fully tested before being used in products to determine the impact on people as well as our environment. I think that products should be identified prominently as having toxic chemicals once they have been approved. I don’t want to have to search the tiny print to find it.

I’ve teamed up with Seventh Generation to help spread awareness about the importance of chemical reform in the United States. Seventh Generation has worked for 25 years toward creating a healthy home by delivering plant derived products using bio-based ingredients. You can help Seventh Generation reach its goal of collecting 100,000 Signatures by April 24th by signing the petition for chemical reform and urging your friends and family to do the same!

If you would like to help, please click on the badge and sign the petition for chemical reform.


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  1. Kelsey Apley says
    I really love trying to use all natural products for cleaners in my home! I want my house to be clean and of course safe!! 
  2. Amber Edwards says
    We work hard to eliminate a lot of chemicals from our home. All our cleaners are natural and when possible and when we can find a great brand that works as well as the chemical counter part; we immediately switch over. 
    • Ellen Christian says
      We do the same thing, Amber. We are slowly removing everything that is not eco-friendly from our home. It's so important.
  3. That is a scary statistic (exposure to 300 toxins before birth). But there are so many chemicals around us that we don't even realize it. This is definitely an important message to share, thank you. Love Seventh Generation products!
  4. That statistic in the first image is startling. I use a lot of natural products, but need to use more.
  5. Amy Desrosiers says
    I love Seventh Generation products!! We use their dish soap and laundry care items.
  6. Jennifer Soltys says
    Ugh, that's so scary! Makes me really want to reevaluate what we have in this house.
  7. I have been trying to switch to all natural cleaners and products whenever possible. My kids have asthma and allergies so they are especially sensitive to chemicals.
  8. Ive used some 'green' cleaners with little success in getting the job done. I have used Seventh Generation laundry detergent though, and it did a bang up job cleaning our clothes!
  9. Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom says
    WOW.. your post truly was an eye opener.. I had NOOOOO idea... I've heard many good things about Seventh Generation.. now even more I need to check out their products...
  10. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement says
    It really is scary how we're all subjected to these numerous chemicals and toxins on a daily basis, especially without our knowledge! Just like everything else, education on this subject is key to helping change it!
  11. Keikilani says
    It is so crazy how much toxins are in everything we use these days. If we don't change things now, then what will our children be facing? Good cause.
  12. Michele Brosius says
    The pictures in this post are so darn cute! The number of chemicals everywhere is so scary. I am glad there is awareness being raised about such an important subject!
  13. We try to use natural cleaners whenever we can! It's a necessity for me since I'm allergic to many of the harsher chemicals and their scents! 
  14. Mindy Grant says
    They just did a study here in Maine on 25 people, where they tested them for chemicals commonly found in consumer products.  The results were really quite astounding, and it's very scary to think about what we put into our bodies on a daily basis, without even being aware of it.  Here is the article if you are interested in reading it:  http://bangordailynews.com/2014/03/18/health/tests-of-25-mainers-find-high-levels-of-chemicals-used-in-plastics/?ref=search
  15. Mama to 5 BLessings says
    Love this brand and use them all the time from cleaners to diapers!
  16. Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations says
    I can totally get behind this. Going to sign petition.
  17. Thanks for sharing this! I'll sign!
  18. It's terrifying to think that it could be leading to some of these things!
  19. melissa Au says
    This is so important to be aware of.  We try to be aware of chemicals in the products we use and limit as much as possible.
  20. I love Seventh Generation products. We work hard to eliminate the chemical exposure for our children.
  21. When I noticed my then 2 year old daughter would wheeze right after I used cleaning products I switched to Seventh generation and other natural cleaning products. What a world of a difference!! 
  22. This is a great cause....it is important for us to realize the types of products we are using in our homes

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