5 Simple Habits of Healthy Families

Last Updated on October 28, 2021 by Ellen Christian

What are the healthy habits of healthy families you follow? It’s the start of a new school year and for many families, it’s time to set a healthy routine.

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Summertime is flexible. People take vacations. It’s light longer which encourages people to be out and about having fun. Even for those of us whose kids are grown, the end of summer is a shift. 

5 Simple Habits of Healthy Families to Start This Year

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Habits of Healthy Families

Part of me really wishes the kids were going back to school because it meant a routine that was easier to follow. Now that they’re older, life is more chaotic, and I have no control over their schedules.

The least I can do is to watch what types of choices Marty and I make so that we stay healthy. With his reduced immune system, the colder months are a challenge.

Limit Snacking

Wondering how to keep your family healthy? Watch the number of unhealthy snacks you eat during the colder months. If you are having trouble cutting out the snacks, limit the amount you eat by keeping smaller portions of them in individual bags.

I love these reusable snack bags because they limit waste.

Healthy Alternatives

Try finding alternatives to unhealthy snack foods, like dried fruit, yogurt, and hummus. Keeping fruits and vegetables pre-cut and easily accessible in the fridge will make you more likely to reach for them when hunger strikes. We really like this yogurt trail mix.

Drink Water

Water should be your go-to beverage because it hydrates, and drinking more water can lead to weight loss according to a study presented at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

To help you and your family get the recommended daily water intake, use a quick-filling pitcher like the Filtrete water pitcher, which filters and fills five times faster than traditional filtering water pitchers. Or keep a water bottle with you that tracks the amount you drink.

5 Simple Habits of Healthy Families to Start This Year

Stay Active

Don’t use cold weather as an excuse to stop being active; hibernation is for the bears! Try to exercise for 45 minutes to an hour per day. When you’re out and about, park farther away from buildings, take walks in shopping malls, and always use the stairs.

Create Inside Fun

If stormy weather is preventing you from getting out of the house, exercise inside as a family: climb stairs for a cardio workout, create an obstacle course in the living room, or simply play an active game, such as freeze dance, indoor volleyball with balloons or floor hockey using wrapping paper tubes for the sticks and sponges for the puck.

Practicing yoga, martial arts, and Pilates are also great ways to fight the winter blues. Get the kids involved in the process and ask for their suggestions.

They’ll be more interested in sticking to a healthy routine if they get to help pick the snacks and the type of exercise. You never know, they may inspire you! I hope you’ve found these healthy family tips helpful!

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  1. I've cut down on unhealthy snacks and snacking between meals. Now I only do it for special occasions. I have two oatmeal raisin cookies at night and that's it.

    It's very hard to exercise in the winter with the snow and ice around, so I try to use the Gazelle we bought at home. That doesn't always work because there are lots of reasons not to workout when you're at home.

    Morgan Mandel

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