Everything You Need to Get Started Making Jam

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Get started making jam – even if you’ve never made it before in your life. Check out these tips for beginner jam makers and starting preserving today.

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Everything You Need to Get Started Making Jam

I’ve been making jams and jellies for about twenty years, and I tend to make two or three different types each summer once we have fresh fruit grown locally.

Sometimes, I use fruits that we grow at home, but my Mom and Dad give me grapes from their yard as well. When I have time, I make jam using berries we pick at our local strawberry and blueberry picking places.

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Best type of jam to make

There are just so many different types of jam you can make that you shouldn’t feel limited by what type of fruit you have to start with. If you don’t have fresh growing nearby, you can certainly begin with what you have available at the farmer’s market or the grocery store instead.

Try to choose organic whenever possible to reduce the possibility that the fruits have been sprayed with pesticides. You may want to try my banana jam.

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What are basic jam making supplies?

There are many different ways to make jam but most use the same equipment. Having basic jam making supplies on hand will get you started and you can add in specialty items as you progress. My cranberry raisin jam is a good one to start with.

  • You will need to have canning jars with lids and rims to get started making jam,. Most jam or jelly recipes recommend that you use Crystal Jelly Jars which are 8 ounces. You can also use the 4-ounce Crystal Jelly Jars to hold smaller batches. These are ideal for giving jams and jellies for gifts.
  • A funnel and ladle make getting the hot jelly or jam into the jars before canning much neater. This kit is a great value and has all the accessories you need.

Holiday Jams | Cranberry Raisin Holiday Jam

  • You’ll need a water bath canner to hold the jars while you’re sealing them. You’ll also need a rack for the jars to rest on which helps prevent the jars from tipping over and spilling during the canning process.
  • A canning jar lifter will make lifting the canning jars from the boiling water much easier. Without a lifter, you risk burning your fingers on the hot jars.
  • You will find a candy thermometer to be very helpful when determining the correct jelly stages when making jelly.
  • Depending on the type of jam or jelly you’ll be making, you may need powdered or liquid pectin. Some fruits have their own pectin and won’t require extra. Check the recipe carefully.

Everything You Need to Get Started Making Jam

Can you can all types of jam?

Not all jams and jellies need to be canned. There are a variety of freezer jam recipes you can make that are frozen instead of canned. You will need special freezer jars because the traditional jelly jars are more likely to break in the freezer.

There are also a number of jams and jellies that are not sealed at all. They are refrigerated instead and need to be eaten relatively quickly before they go bad. My apple cinnamon jam recipe is an example.

When you create a jam or jelly like this, you can store it in a decorative jar like the ones pictured above. For a great selection of recipes, I recommend the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving.

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  1. We love making our own jam! Nothing is more satisfying than reaching into the fridge and pulling out something you made yourself!
  2. I started making Strawberry Jam a few years ago and hope to try Peach and Crab Apple this summer. Growing up, my Mom and Grandma always made a lot of jam, we never had store bought jam. My daughter now likes strawberry jam on her oatmeal.
  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I live in Florida, so I have absolutely no shortage of fresh fruits to work with. This could be a yummy summer!

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