Garden Plant Labels DIY

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Check out these simple garden plant labels. With my brand new raised garden beds planted, I really wanted some cute garden plant labels to label each of my plants.  I looked at some of the garden plant labels at the store but they were fairly pricey.  

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Garden Plant Labels DIY With Terracotta Planters

Garden Plant Labels

I like my plant labels to be large enough so that when the plant grows, I can still find the label and identify the plant. These garden plant labels are very easy to make and take only a few minutes.  

If you are artistic, you can paint the words and vegetables on the front of your pots.  Painting is not one of my skills, so I chose to write the words with permanent markers.

Garden plant labels

Garden plant labels materials

This is what you need to make these labels. You can find them at your local home and garden store.

  • Clay pots. You will need as many as you have types of plants.
  • Outdoor paint.  You will need a paint like house paint in a light color that will stand up to the outdoor weather.

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  • Permanent markers.  To write the words on the front and draw the vegetables. I love this one.
  • Frog Tape. To mark off the rectangle space you will be painting. Frog Tape prevents the paint from bleeding underneath the tape.
  • Paint Brush.  I went with a 1″ brush.

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DIY garden label instructions

  • If you are using used clay pots, brush off all of the dirt or debris from the outside of the clay pot.

Garden plant labels

  • Using the Frog Tape, mark off a rectangle or square on the front of each pot.  Be unique and don’t aim for an exact shape.

Garden plant labels

  • Paint inside the Frog Tape.  You may need more than one coat.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Peel off the Frog Tape slowly.

Garden plant labels

  • Using permanent markers, write the name of the plant that you have planted.  If you want, you can also draw the food you’re growing on there.
  • Place the pots upside down near the plant you want to identify.

That’s all there is to it. You can seal the garden plant labels with outdoor varnish if you want to ensure that they last for several years.

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  4. Ellen, great stuff on your site. I will continue to enjoy all of your topics. The plant markers are a great way of re-using the pots that just stack up year after year. Well, that's how it is in my house. Please continue to shop local at Gilmore Home Center for any of your crafty needs. I will look forward to our future product searching missions. Have a Great Day!!!!
  5. Very nice creative thought applied, I am sure its easy to read and very good way to track and Reusable too, Very well applied thought !! Great post
  6. very nice! I would need a lot of these to mark all my plants but at least I could find them after a few months, unlike the popsicle sticks
  7. What a great idea, Ellen. I'm going to do this! I've been using those plastic spikes that you write on and then stick in the ground, but they don't last two minutes! I'm creating a cuttings garden this year, so have a lot of new plants that I'm waiting until the last of the frosts before planting, so this will definitely give me a great way of keeping track of what's planted where. Thanks for sharing this today.
  8. Oh, that is clever! Those little plastic markers that come in plants never hold up. I end up digging up the ones from 3-4 years ago when I plant new stuff each year.
  9. What a great idea. These look cute and I bet they're easy to read. Plus you can reuse them next time. Thanks for sharing.
  10. How clever. I'm sure they are very easy to read from a distance. I've never heard of frog tape. I'll have to look that up. Thanks for the tip!

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