DIY Back Yard Projects

Last Updated on July 26, 2022 by Ellen Christian

Now that the nice weather has arrived in Vermont, there are several DIY back yard projects that I want to work on.  Check out my list.

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The raised bed container garden I got from Home Depot was so simple to create that I’m inspired to try some other projects at our home.  We have two rural acres of land at our home.

Container gardening vegetables

DIY Back Yard Projects

About an acre of our property is wooded.  I don’t generally do anything with the acre of wooded property except go on long walks and enjoy it.  One the acre that isn’t wooded, we have a wood shed, garden shed, and a duck and chicken coop.  They all need regular maintenance.

  • Painting. Our garden shed needs a coat of paint and our duck and chicken coop has one side that is still not painted.
  • Repairs.  The lock on our garden shed is broken and I need to replace it with a new one.
  • Weeding and landscape fabric.  All of our perennial gardens need to be weeded. I want to reclaim a few and set down landscape fabric to start over.
  • Pruning.  Both our pear tree and our berry bushes need to be pruned for the new growing season.
  • Outdoor lighting.  I would like to install a few more solar powered outdoor lights on our property.
  • Picnic table.  Our picnic table either needs to be painted, stained or replaced. I haven’t decided which yet.

DIY Back Yard Projects pruning

Raised Gardening Beds

I really enjoyed working with Home Depot on my raised bed container garden.  And, I love how easy it was to assemble.  I have been wanting to do this for quite a while but I had no idea there was a kit you could buy for it.

I had been putting it off because I thought I would have to buy plans and lumber and build the project myself.  That was really more than I wanted to tackle but the raised bed garden kit was super easy to put together.  

The best part of the project was the fact that my 15-year-old son and I got to work together to create it. It’s tough at his age to find things that I can do with him that we both actually enjoy doing.

Container gardening vegetables

Using landscape fabric

If you purchase one of these raised bed garden kits from Home Depot, I highly recommend getting landscape fabric to put down underneath the raised bed.  The landscape fabric will help block the grass and weeds from growing up into the garden soil.  

Adding that layer first will save you so much time weeding over the summer. Instead of weeding, I plan on relaxing in a  lawn chair with an iced cold lemonade. Sounds much better than weeding!

DIY Back Yard Projects

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DIY Back Yard Projects

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  2. We have a treehouse in the backyard that needs some sprucing up. I think a fresh coat of paint and it will look like new.
  3. The garden looks great. All of my videos have a certain call in them too! We can't plant yet - no berry bushes available 'cause of our weather although it's finally starting to turn. I'll look forward to seeing how it all grows.

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