Fun Sports Activities for Teenagers

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Are you looking for a few fun sports activities for teenagers? Keeping the kids involved in sports encourages them to stay physically fit.  

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Fun Sports Activities for Tweens and Teens to Enjoy

Fun Sports Activities

My daughter had no interest in sports when she was younger but my son is a huge sports fan.  We encourage him to sign up for sports teams at school when he has an interest.  

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My son doesn’t want to play every sport that the school offers so there is some downtime when he’s not on a team. We can still encourage him to be involved in healthy activities.

 Here are just a few tips that we have found work for us.  What you choose to add to your sports activities list will depend on your child’s age and location. Remember to be prepared and make a few glasses of my favorite homemade sports drink before you head out in the heat.

Go to a game

While we don’t live near any professional games, there is a college in town that has college games that are open to the public. There is also a sports arena about an hour away that sometimes has sporting events and fitness activities for kids.

Fun Sports Activities for Tweens and Teens to Enjoy

Head outside

Toss a ball, swing a bat, run around the backyard, jump on a trampoline, or ride your bikes.   Just get out there and play with your kids. You don’t have to be a super athlete. The kids have always enjoyed showing me the right way to hold a bat or the right way not to make a rim shot.

Learn more

I have always encouraged my son to enjoy reading. It is more difficult now that he is a teenager but he did recently read a book for school about wrestling that he really enjoyed. Find books about your child’s or teen’s favorite sport to encourage them to learn in the off season.

Fun Sports Activities for Tweens and Teens to Enjoy

Join team sports

Check the school, the Boys & Girls Club, the YMCA, the recreation department in your town and any other resources you think may have sports teams your child can join. Look into dance classes or cheer competitions.

Individual sports

Not all sports activities have to be part of a team.  Go swimming at the lake or the local pool.  Try skateboarding or grab a pair of roller blades. Why not learn to dance?

The important thing is that you and your child get outside and get active. They need to learn that exercise can be fun. If there isn’t a team sport available at your local school that your child can join. Or, you cannot afford the equipment that goes along with some team activities, look for other options in your area. Older children can often join in on fun sports activities for adults. It’s a great way to stay active as a family.

What fun sports activities would you like to try with your child?

12 thoughts on “Fun Sports Activities for Teenagers”

  1. Great post! My older son loves sports so my goal this year is to take him to as many games as we can. However the younger one could care less right now. I'll plan some sports things at home then. 
  2. I like these tips, and the movie looks great.  My husband and I are not very sporty people, but we try to expose our 4 children to sports through many of the ways you listed.  I don't want them to miss out just because it's not my thing! :)
  3. my kids enjoy several sports. I think it makes for a well rounded kid to get them out to exercise now and then. great ideas for other sports related activities!
  4. My nearly 1 year old is a bit small for sports yet, but I hope he ends up liking them. They can teach kids so much and encourage them to stay physically fit. The movie sounds good, too. It's nice having feel-good movies that don't have a lot of negativity - makes a good break from regular TV.

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