Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative

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I enjoyed breakfast and coffee out with my Mom a few days ago. I try to have a day out at least once a month for a strictly Mom and daughter bonding time.  I enjoyed listening to updates about her friends and family members that I don’t get to visit with any longer.  One of the things that we chatted about was my Grandmother who is 92 now and in a nursing home.  It struck me that my parents are getting older.  My Mom is seventy now and has to take on more responsibility for managing my Grandmother’s affairs. As my parents get older, I can see myself in the same situation.  I wonder if dementia or the Alzheimer’s disease will play a part in that.

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Alzheimer's Prevention

Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative

Caring for an aging family member is a lot of work.  Even though my Grandmother is in a nursing home, my parents are still very involved in what she needs.  There are doctor’s appointments that need to be scheduled. There are things that she needs that they need to shop for whether that’s new summer clothes or a telephone that’s easier to dial with her failing eyesight.  There is financial paperwork that my Mom needs to deal with to pay her bills and make sure that her income taxes are filed on time.  I cannot imagine adding something like Alzheimer’s symptoms into this situation.

Alzheimer's prevention

Did you know that about 5.2 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s today, with one new case diagnosed every 68 seconds? That means that one in nine Americans over age 65—and nearly one in three Americans over age 85—is currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s today.  

I was truly blown away by these figures. Because of the aging population in this country, these numbers are only going to get larger in the future.  By 2050, that number could nearly triple to a projected 13.8 million! Can you imagine the cost in both time and money to families that will have to deal with this?

There is an Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative that is trying to find effective ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease as quickly as possible.  I would love it if Alzheimers was something that my daughter’s generation didn’t need to deal with as adults.  

You can help with the fight to end Alzheimer’s by helping to accelerate research and participating in prevention studies.  All you need to do is register for the Alzheimers’ Prevention Registry.  It’s totally free and an easy way for you to make a difference and help end Alzehimer’s today. Please register today.

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  1. My Mother was just diagnosed with Alzheimers a few days ago. It's been my biggest fear since my grandfather died from it in the 80's. It's a horrible thing for a family to go through. I'm in the process of trying to sell my Mother's house and bring her closer to me so I can help take care of her, along with my kids I know this is a tough road but I will be there for her all the way. If anyone could spare some prayers, I'm a single Mother and this will be a very difficult thing for us to handle. She has already started forgetting who some people are, including some of my kids. I know this time next year she may not know who I am. I go to bed in tears every night, I know I have to be strong but I hold back the tears all day and at night I let them fall when nobody can see. Several of my siblings who live far away don't even know yet. I have to tell them very soon I know. This is so rough. Thank you for helping to raise awareness. I never knew how common it was. I hope my kids never have to watch me go through this.
  2. It's nice to "meet" some of your family members through the narrative in your blog post. Yes, Alzheimer's would complicate your grandmother's care.  Let's hope that the people at API and other research organizations can help find a cure.   This is such a difficult disease for the person affected and for their support system. 
  3. Ellen, this topic is very close to home since my dad died from Alzheimer's Disease 10 years ago. and like you, I hope there will be some concrete solutions as well. What is very dramatic is the increase in early onset dementia which is striking more and more people. Over the past ten years, my mother has become an advocate and go-to resource for caregivers with 3 books and and a monthly column in a senior magazine. Your website is beautiful, too! It's a pleasure to discover it!
  4. Thank you for this. It's so important to get informed about this. Whilst I don't have people directly in my family currently affected, my auntie suffered from dementia before she died. It was so hard watching her fight to find the words. The statistics are shocking aren't they! I wished I had then the tools I now have. I've found that certain essential oils have had a great effect on some folks, and I understand that they are being used in some nursing homes because they help in so many ways. 
  5. Ellen, I think we can only speak from our own opinions drawn from our experiences and knowledge base. I'm happy you are adding yours here. Alzheimer's Prevention is important. I've read varying information on things that have success in dealing with it. I believe we all have to look toward what works for us using both our mind and heart in deciphering through all of the information. May we be blessed by not having to deal with this in our parents. Dementia existed in my Father and Grandfather post stroke which wasn't fun to deal with. So far, my Mom is doing great. Yea! Thanks for sharing the information on the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative. I will look into it. Dr. Samantha Joseph

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