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Flavored vinegar is one of the things that I enjoy putting on my salads and fresh vegetables. It’s a little indulgence that helps make salads taste better to me.  Flavored vinegar can be purchased at the store but it’s very easy to make your own flavored vinegar at home. All you need are a few basic ingredients to get started.  They key to making the best flavored vinegar is to start with herbs that are as fresh as possible.  Fresh herbs retain the most flavor and that’s important to getting the best flavor for your vinegar. I use herbs from my herb garden but if you don’t have an herb garden, you can visit a farmer’s market and purchase fresh herbs there.  If you purchase fresh herbs from the grocery store, try to buy them from an area near you to ensure they are as fresh as possible. My favorite type of flavored vinegar is chive so I make sure to have lots of bunches of chives around the garden.

Flavored vinegar - how to make your own

Flavored Vinegar


  • Glass bottle
  • Cork for stopper. You can use a screw on cap it you have to.
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Bunch of chives or other fresh herbs


  1. Wash and dry the herbs
  2. Break off the chive flowers and push them into the bottle. Or put the leaves of the herb you choose into the bottle.
  3. Fill the bottle with distilled white vinegar to about an inch from the top of the bottle.
  4. Put the cork in or the top on.
  5. Store it somewhere dark in the cupboard for about two weeks to flavor.
  6. When you use it, strain the flavored vinegar through cheesecloth to keep the herbs from ending up in your salad.

I made a video a few years ago about how to make flavored vinegar. It’s one of the first videos I made so no laughing. Enjoy!


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34 thoughts on “Flavored Vinegar – Make Your Own”

  1. I didn't think I liked vinegar, so when I made salads, it would be oil only. Then I had a good salad made with decent vinegar and I went wild! I bought every kind of vinegar you can find - and would use it liberally. Good flavored vinegar is expensive, my favorite is raspberry. I want to try this when raspberries are in season. I had an herb garden a couple of years ago, and I wish I had know about this back then, as I didn't know what to do with tarragon, lemon thyme, a few others!
  2. Have you ever made your own infused Olive oils? So easy. It's best to use dried herbs for it if you don't intend to refridgerate it. I have made garlic olive oil with real garlic cloves, but I infused that in the fridge.

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