Chinese New Year Banquet Menu

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Have you ever thought about a Chinese New Year banquet menu? Check out this Chinese banquet menu you can prepare at home.

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We love Chinese food but there are only a few restaurants in our area. It can get really expensive to feed everyone when you go out to eat. For the most part, we make our own Chinese food at home when we want it. Plus, some restaurants use MSG in the preparation of their Chinese food and that makes my daughter sick.

Chinese New Year Banquet Menu

Now, it’s not difficult to make your own Chinese New Year banquet at home. You can make it as large or small as you like and vary it on everyone’s preferences. Here are a few easy Chinese New Year recipes that you can start with. A rice cooker will make the process much easier because you can prepare a large batch of rice and keep it warm.

Of course, it’s not all about the food. You’ll want to take a look at the decor. Half of the fun of having a Chinese New Year Buffet is the decorations and the ambiance. Of course, you can do a few simple things like put a red tablecloth on the table and use Chinese themed napkins and plates. And, you can also hang a few paper lanterns from the ceiling. Of course, chopsticks are an absolute must. Don’t forget to get children’s sized chopsticks which will be easier for them to handle.

Chinese lanterns for a Chinese New Year Banquet

Chinese appetizer recipes

Chinese soup recipes

wonton on Chinese New Year Banquet Menu

Chinese food entrees

Have you ever thought about a Chinese New Year banquet menu? Check out this Chinese banquet menu you can prepare at home.

fortune cookies

Chinese New Year Banquet Menu desserts

So, I hope I’ve given you enough ideas to start planning your own Chinese New Year dinner party. Now, what are your favorite easy Chinese New Year recipes?

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  1. This would be fun and delicious, especially the pot stickers. Thanks for linking up this week and sharing your post. #HomeMattersParty
  2. We’ve never celebrated the Chinese New Year! But it looks like fun to have a banquet! Thanks for sharing this at the Homestead Blog Hop! God bless, Laurie Ridge Haven Homestead Homestead Blog Hop Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop
  3. I have found this brand at Costco. So yummy! We do 1 costco box that has 2 packages for my family of 6. It seems to be enough When the younger boys get older I think I would need more. :-)
  4. These look delicious!  I'm sure that they're healthier for you than the dishes from many local Chinese restaurants. 

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