Green Organizing Tips to Clear Clutter

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Looking for green organizing tips? Learn more about organizing without plastic and the steps to getting organized today. Find out more.

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Green Organizing Tips

Every year, I make a promise to myself that I will be more organized.  I will deal with the clutter in my closets and the piles of paperwork that take up almost every flat surface in my office.  

Then, I will schedule my appointments so that I spend less time running around.  I will spend more time in my garden and less time working in my office and looking out the window at the garden.

So, I have the best of intentions, but sometimes I have a problem following through. This year, I am taking steps to make sure that I do follow through with my goal of reorganizing.

Creative ways to organize craft supplies

 I have realized that part of my problem is clutter.  Whenever I think about organizing, my first thought is to buy new containers to put the clutter.  

After all, fifteen books in a pile are cluttered.  Fifteen books in a cute basket is organized, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t.  You will have those fifteen books taking up space.

You still need to dust around those fifteen books when you clean.  If those fifteen books are not books you need or will refer to again, why keep them?

As I go through the process of decluttering and reorganizing, I’m trying to make eco-friendly choices.  

Ways to Organize your Home | Document Organization

What is the best way to organize?

Tossing a houseful of stuff into the landfill and running to the store to buy new containers, boxes, baskets, and organizers doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Here are a few green organizing tips that I am trying to keep in mind.



Use baskets, containers, jars, and other items that you already have to organize. Many organizing books I have read encourage you to go out and buy new container systems to organize things.

While I agree that using containers to help group things together can be helpful when reorganizing, it’s not necessary to run out and buy new ones.

Look at some of the containers you already have in your house and think outside the box. Can you prevent something from going to the landfill and instead use that to organize?  

I needed a container for all the Washi tape that I have been collecting. Rather than buy something new, I repurposed a Mason jar I had.

baskets and bins piled on top of each other on a shelf

How can I organize my house quickly?

Don’t tear your entire house apart trying to accomplish this all at once. You’ll just get frustrated, and the task probably won’t get done. Start with one shelf or one bookcase or one room. 

I am organizing our living room since it also serves as my office.  As much as I’d love to snap my fingers and have it done in one day, I know it won’t happen.  

I’m beginning with our entertainment center since it holds the most clutter.

a plastic tub full of clothets

As I decide there are things I do not want, I am offering them on Freecycle.  Freecycle helps keep things out of the landfill and passes them onto people who might need them.

As I cleared off a section of our entertainment center, I recycled what I could and offered several books on Freecycle.  

I then repurposed a basket I had to hold coasters. I’ll continue working on the entertainment center this week before I move to another area of the living room.

cleaning products and a bucket

Clean green

As you are clearing off surfaces and reducing clutter, give everything a good cleaning.  Choose eco-friendly cleaners rather than those containing toxic chemicals. You can even make green cleaners.

I always try to use green cleaners. When I do not have the time to make my own, I purchase eco-friendly cleaners at the store.  I don’t like the idea of exposing my family and our pets to the chemicals in traditional cleaners.

Looking for green organizing tips? Learn more about organizing without plastic and the steps to getting organized today.

Buy green

If you do need to purchase a new container, look for an eco-friendly option. There are so many things that are made of recycled materials like plastic bottles that you can find them just about everywhere. Make sure that you recycle your products to help make this possible.

Do you have any other green organizing tips to share?

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  1. Those are great tips. We reuse shipping boxes and just decorate them with scrapbook paper scraps. We've used these for holding napkins, cans, baking goods, lotions, etc. I also like that you suggested to just focus on one area at a time. That's a good idea so it doesn't get overwhelming.
  2. It's neat how so many products can be made from everyday items.  I really like the W’s R3® Hi-Loft Jacket. It's blue and looks so soft and comfy!
  3. First who KNEW all the things you can make from recycled plastic! I think the office chairs look like they would be very comfortable and lightweight. Thanks for the giveaway! :-)
  4. Love the W’s Capilene® 4 Expedition Weight 1/4-Zip Hoody from Patagonia.. Super cute and practical! I had no idea Patagonia was partnering with Repreve

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