How to Take Control of Your Health Care

Last Updated on July 4, 2020 by Ellen Christian

Do the words “open enrollment” fill you with dread? That may be because you’re not sure how to take control of your health care. I’ll admit when open enrollment comes around and that big booklet arrives in the mailbox, I’m initially bewildered and apprehensive. My first instinct is to just toss it in the recycle bucket and leave things as is. 

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How to take control of your health care

How to Take Control of Your Health Care

Like most people, I’m not exactly sure what all the information in the open enrollment paperwork is all about. I don’t always understand our health benefits, how to manage costs, or how to make the overall experience easier. Healthcare can be a really confusing topic for many people to understand, but it’s important to really take a look at the information you receive to understand your health benefits and make informed decisions. 

While health care coverage can be confusing initially, there are a few things that you can do to get started understanding the information you receive.

  • Look at the summary of benefits and coverage that you receive. This section will show you coverage examples of what the different plans available to you may cover.
  •  If you’re confused about what the different terms mean,  your paperwork should contain a glossary. There you can read more about what copayment, deductible, network, and premium mean.
  • When in doubt make a phone call. You can always call your plan representative and ask them to clarify something you’re not sure of. It’s best to understand what you’re reading instead of signing up for the wrong plan.

Open enrollment just ended, and UnitedHealthcare realizes that an overwhelming amount of people do not understand their health benefits. Understanding health care is important to getting the most out of your plan. You might pay for things you don’t have to, or there might be preventive services covered in your plan that you don’t know about it. UnitedHealthcare has several tools to help you learn all about your plan…you can check them out at their website for more information.

They have a few fun dares for you to take to test your health care knowledge.

1. Take a quiz about managing health care costs
2. Play a concentration game by matching the UnitedHealthcare tools to their service definitions
3. Watch a “Virtual Visits” video and answer a quick poll question

There is a winner picked for each dare. The grand prize is a $400 Visa gift card and weekly $25 gift cards are given out as well. Enter for a chance to win.

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12 thoughts on “How to Take Control of Your Health Care”

  1. I agree... its a bit daunting to hear those words... those dreaded words. I wish someone would just pick the right one for me, but yes it's great to have tools out there to help us decide.
  2. You aren't alone, there are many people that are intimidated by health insurance. It is very important you read through and get familiar with your options, and your choice.
  3. I have another company that we've used for a number of years, but will keep them in mind if our situation ever changes. Can't have too many options!
  4. Picking health care can be so hard to pick out.  I had not looked at UnitedHealthcare before, sounds like a good insurance company.
  5. Thanks I'll take a look at that. I don't have UnitedHealthCare, it's another company, but it will be helpful to compare.

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