Country Life, a HappiMess and Sore Muscles

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When most people think of living in the country, they get all nostalgic. They picture sitting on a porch swing on a hot summer day sipping ice cold lemonade.  They see children running through fields of flowers chasing the family dog. They see cookouts and swimming in the brook. While those are all great parts of country life, that’s not what life is like most of the time. Sure, there are a few hours here and there but for the most part living in the country involves more physical labor than most people see.

Country Life, a HappiMess and Sore Muscles

Country Life, a HappiMess and Sore Muscles

Country life for me is a way of life I’ve come to love.  Spring means planting the garden and cleaning up the yard after the winter storm damage.  Summer means weeding, harvesting and repairing fences and outbuildings. Fall means clearing out the garden, cleaning the chicken coop and getting it ready for winter and stacking wood. Winter means snow and lots of shoveling.

Country Life, a HappiMess and Sore Muscles

Right now, I’m definitely feeling the work and mess associated with fall.  The chicken coop needs to be cleaned out. The garden needs to be cleared for winter.  The leaves need to be raked. The wood needs to be stacked.  At the end of the day, even with help from the kids, I am tired, sore and messy.  It’s a good messy, though. It’s a HappiMess. These things give me a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of a job well done and I like that.

Delta Temp20 Shower Head

At the end of a long day, I really look forward to a long, hot shower to wash away the mess and soothe my sore muscles. Lately, I’ve been soothing away aches and pains with a new Temp20 shower head from Delta Faucet. It has a digital temperature display and six different spray settings with 6 jets!  The sensor changes color from blue to magenta to red depending on the temperature. There are no batteries required because the Temp20 is H20 Powered. I know when my muscles are sore and I’m a HappiMess, I want a nice hot shower to wash it all away.  I love the convenience of being able to jump in the shower when the temperature is right for me. No guessing involved. My personal favorite of the six sprays is the Full Spray but my husband likes the Full Spray with Massage. With 6 different choices, there will definitely be one you fall in love with at the end of the day.

Why do people treat mess like it’s a bad thing? It’s actually the evidence of a life well lived. When you’re out there making, creating, doing and playing, embrace your #HappiMess and let Delta kitchen and bath innovations help clean up so you can do it all again tomorrow.


One of my readers will win their own Delta Temp2O.

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  1. Kathleen Bailey says
    I loved seeing a bigger glimpse into your life! I'd love to see more of that. As a city dweller, it's nice to see how the other half lives!
  2. Adelina Priddis says
    I feel the same way - hard work, a job well done - that really does make life better and more fulfilling. I wish I lived in the country and could do more manual labor, I think living in a city has made me a bit lazy. 
  3. tara pittman says
    They have a lot of cool faucets. I would like chrome the best.
  4. CR Williams says
    Would love to get the DELTA Temp2O Hand Shower w/ Wall Bar in Venetian Bronze
  5. I like the one you have!
  6. Probably a shower head.  Stainless looks best to me!
  7. Georgette Helton says
    I like the shower head....stainless Thanks for your time
  8. I love the stainless hand shower.
  10. Ashley Morrissey says
    I'd love the Hand Shower in Stainless :)
  11. Shareen Mioskowski says
    I would love to win the hand shower in chrome, this would be a great product for myself and my children!!
  12. The stainless hand shower would be amazing!
  13. alena svetelska says
    i would like to have stainless steal shower head,mine old one is not working properly.
  14. Stacey Roberson says
    I would love to win a hand shower in stainless steel.  Lots of great options to choose from.
  15. A hand shower with chrome finish would be wonderful!
  16. Kimberley Thomas says
    I would chose the stainless shower head .
  17. maybe the shower head in stainless
  18. Stainless Steel Please! :) 
  19. Petra Jadan says
    If I win I would love a hand shower in venetian chrome Thanks so much! 
  20. wendi watson says
    stainless steele hand shower i s the one for me
  21. kathy viviano says
    would love to win the chrome!
  22. Regular shower head and probably chrome.
  23. Love the shower head and in stainless
  24. Robert Brown says
    I would like the showerhead in stainless.
  25. I would choose the Hand Shower, in Venetian® Bronze. What a nice shower head. It would look so pretty in my bathroom. My husband is a farmer, and comes home filthy. A hand shower would allow him to easily clean up. :)
  26. I would like the Hand Shower in Venetian Bronze. It would make bath time easier with my girls.
  27. I'd like the shower head in stainless.  Thanks for the chance to win! :-)
  28. Sara Theissen says
    Probably the shower head in Chrome
  29. I like the stainless shower head
  30. abedabun dawn says
    I would love to win a hand shower in stainless.  Right now, I have an old shower head that the water holes has filled with lime deposits.  Once a year I have to soak it in vinegar to clean.  I have never had a hand shower before.
  31. Marci Wright says
    I like the showerhead in chrome.
  32. janet aycock says
    i like the shower head in stainless thank you
  33. Amanda Sakovitz says
    id love the hand shower in chrome!
  34. I'd love to win the Shower head in the stainless finishdemureprincess7(at)gmail(dot)com
  35. Thomas Murphy says
    I would like the Handshower in Chrome.
  36. Katherine R says
    I prefer the hand shower in chrome. Thank you for this opportunity
  37. I love the Venetian Bronze In2ition® Two-In-One Shower Arm Mounted Shower.
  38. heather eg kaufman says
    I would like the hand shower in stainless steel.
  39. The Venetian Bronze
  40. The chrome hand shower delta h20 
  41. Christine Waddell says
    I would love a stainless shower head!
  42. I would prefer the shower head in the stainless finish
  43. I am most interested in the showerhead in chrome.
  44. Jennifer M. says
    Yes I would love to win this!  And I think I would like it in chrome. 
  45. Jerry Platz says
    Stainless Showerhead
  46. I would like to win a shower head in stainless finish.
  47. I would absolutely love the hand shower in stainless. Heaven knows my bathroom needs it :) 
  48. angella richards says
    definatley the shower head any type i like the chrome but not picky as mine is being held together with scoth tape and leaking everywhere :) thx for the chance
  49. abbie guerrero says
    Stainless showerhead please!
  50. hand shower with chrome finish 
  51. Victoria Carlson says
    I would love the stainless shower head! :)
  52. I would love the hand shower in stainless steel.
  53. Karen Leonard says
    Shower Head,Stainless
  54. Debra Holloway says
    I would like a Shower head in Stainless Steel please.
  55. Cheryl Rahkonen says
    I would want the Hand Shower in Stainless Finish.
  56. I would love the hand shower in stainless.
  57. This does look luxurious! I like the showerhead in chrome.
  58. crystal sheckles-gibson says
    I would love the hand shower in stainless steel. Thank you so much. I wouldn't trade my beautiful country life for anything.
  59. a hand shower in stainless steel would be lovely to win i have a messy son and this would work 
  60. I would like the hand shower in stainless steel because it would match my bathroom and my husband is a big fan of hand showers.
  61. Dominica H. says
    Shower head in chrome please!
  62. I would like a showerhead in venetian bronze
  63. i would like the shower head in chrome 
  64. Crissie Woolard says
    I WOULD LIKE THE Brilliance® Brushed Nickel HAND SHOWER
  65. Shemp DeYoung says
    I'd like a hand shower in white/chrome. The one in my kids's bath needs replacing.
  66. I would love the showerhead in the stainless finish!
  67. Lindsay Shearouse says
    I like the hand shower in Stainless :)
  68. Stephanie Larison says
    I'd love the stainless showerhead.
  69. Sandra Watts says
    I like the Brilliance® Brushed Nickel HAND SHOWER best.
  70. I'd love to have the shower head in Bronze
  71. I would like to win the handshower in stainless steel, thank you for the chance!
  72. I would like the stainless steel. I would love to win!
  73. veronica hay says
    stainless shower head! 
  74. Aliesha Zoe says
    I would LOVE to win a Venetian Bronze hand shower! :)
  75. Sonya Morris says
    I would love to have the hand shower in stainless. 
  76. Hand shower in chrome!
  77. Michele Cupp says
    I like the handheld stainless.
  78. Danielle Papsis says
    I'd like the Stainless Hand shower.
  79. Stephanie O'Day says
    I would choose the Delta Temp2O Showerhead Model #: 52646-RB-PK in Venetian Bronze! 
  80. I have always wanted a hand shower head.. any finish would do but the chrome or the stainless are both nice.  I can totally relate to the sore muscles.. I have a nearly 50lb 3 year old son with special needs. My muscles are constantly sore from chasing and trying to carry him. A shower head like this would feel a bit heavenly after my kids are in bed and Mommy gets her me-time.

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