Cleaning with Scrubbing Bubbles Sonic Scrubbers for Tough Stains

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Have you tried cleaning with Sonic ScrubbersCleaning is not my favorite pastime. It needs to be done but I honestly prefer that it be done as quickly as possible so I can move on to more interesting things like playing in the garden or doing my nails. Sadly, it always seems like there is something in need of scrubbing whether its pots and pans, the kitchen sink, the grout in the bathroom or some other surface. Geesh now I’m depressed just thinking about it! Check out my thoughts on the Scrubbing Bubbles Sonic Scrubbers. 

Cleaning with Sonic Scrubbers [Make Your Kitchen Shine] #cleaningtips #naturalcleaning #kitchencleaning

Cleaning with Sonic Scrubbers

Scrubbing Bubbles has developed a brand new power cleaning system called Sonic Scrubbers. Sonic Scrubber includes a medium bristle brush, a cone brush, 4 AA batteries, an easy hang cord, “area of use” labels and an instruction booklet. The power cleaner makes scrubbing much easier because it’s tackling the scrubbing while you hold the handle.

Uses for Sonic Scrubber

The Sonic Scrubber can be used on just about anything including coffee pots, pans, stovetop, grout, grills, small appliances, showerheads, toilet hinges, baseboards, windowsills, and even laundry stains! There are extra accessory packs available for the Sonic Scrubber. Packs include Fabric Spot Cleaning, Extra Heavy Duty, Refill Accessory, and Power Tool Extension Handle. This lets you better target individual cleaning tasks.

Cleaning with Sonic Scrubbers [Make Your Kitchen Shine]

The Sonic Scrubber produces over 10,000 scrubs per minute. I know there is no way I could come close to that much power myself. The different heads were very easy to take on and off. You just twist them in and push down. I don’t generally go for things that use batteries. By using rechargeable batteries, I can make this work for us.

Cleaning with Scrubbing Bubbles Sonic Scrubbers for Tough Stains

I also really like that I can use the Sonic Scrubber with any cleaning products I want.  I’m not tied to using a specific cleaner.  I generally do regular scrubbing with baking soda and water and this worked great with that. But for harder stains, I can always switch to a commercial cleaner if I want to and this will still work for me. If you’re looking for a Windex Sonic Scrubber, you can certainly add Windex to your shower scrubbers if you want to.

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Other oscillating scrub brush products

There are several other oscillating scrub brush products besides the Scrubbing Bubbles Sonic Scrubber. It’s such a popular product that other brands want in on the action. So, you might want to try:

Not all of them allow you to add your own cleaning products. So, if that’s a feature that you really like, you will want to stick with the Scrubbing Bubbles Sonic Scrubber. If you cannot find it at your local grocery store or mass market retailer, you can find one on Amazon. You can also buy a variety of different scrubbing heads if yours needs to be replaced. They even have special heads for fabric spot cleaning. Check those out here to get tough stains out.

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6 thoughts on “Cleaning with Scrubbing Bubbles Sonic Scrubbers for Tough Stains”

  1. I love Scrubbing Bubbles so the fact they're the ones endorcing this product makes it very tempting. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for this one.
  2. very interesting! This is the first time I have heard of this. I use baking soda for cleaning and it does a great job scrubbing and it is safe. I do not know I would be willing to $15.00.

    Nicole Weaver
  3. Not sure if this will be a duplicate post because I received an error the first time

    I hadn't heard of this one yet. I owned one of those battery operated scrubbers just for dishes, but I prefer the versatility of this one.

    Thanks for the tip.


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