How to Clean Vinyl Sheet Flooring Easily

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When we completely remodeled our kitchen last year, I had to figure out how to clean vinyl sheet flooring. Our very old and damaged wood floor was removed – all the way down to the basement – and replaced. Since I want my flooring to last as long as possible, I checked with the installer for cleaning tips. 

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How to Clean Vinyl Sheet Flooring Easily and Naturally

How to Clean Vinyl Sheet Flooring

I love the look of real wood but I don’t want to have to deal with the upkeep or the expense. We chose vinyl sheet flooring that looks like real wood. I have even had friends comment on how realistic it looks. Because it’s vinyl, it’s much easier to take care of. Since everyone comes and goes through the kitchen, I wanted something that would stand up to constant wear.

Since the kitchen is a high-traffic area, I find myself sweeping daily to keep things clean. Sometimes, I need to do a quick mop just to spot clean the area near the door or the sink. I’ve been using the O-Cedar ProMist to keep the area clean along with the following tips from the flooring installers.
How to Clean Vinyl Sheet Flooring Easily and Naturally

Cleaning Tips:

Sweep regularly to pick up small stones, dirt and other debris that may be tracked inside. This eliminates the possibility that something will be ground into the flooring causing damage.

Damp mop with water for regular spot cleaning. Avoid any flooring cleaners with harsh chemicals that may damage the finish on your flooring. Use natural apple cider vinegar mixed with water to remove any build up of dirt or grime. Unlike traditional floor cleaners, ACV will not leave behind cleaning residue. The ratio should be one cup of ACV with one gallon of tap water.

How to Clean Vinyl Sheet Flooring Easily and Naturally

The O-Cedar ProMist is the perfect choice to clean vinyl sheet flooring because it has a refillable bottle. That means that on days I only want to use water, I add just water. And, on days I want to use water and ACV, I add both. I don’t have to use their flooring cleaner or any specific brand of floor cleaner. I can use whichever option I want.

Plus, the microfiber pads can be removed, washed, and reused again. There is no waste with this mop because the pads are reusable, not disposable. I just toss the microfiber pad in with a load of bath towels each week, and you can buy extra refills for the mop if you need to.

How to Clean Vinyl Sheet Flooring Easily and Naturally

Following these tips is the easiest way I’ve found to keep my kitchen floors looking clean and well cared for. I’m glad I found this mop at our local Walmart. Now that you know how to clean vinyl floors with vinegar, be sure to look for an O-Cedar ProMist the next time you shop.

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  1. I love this O-cedar mop! I need one for my third bedroom because that room have wooden floors also. I really like how lightweight it is and how you can remove and wash the mop microfiber pads. Those heavy, hand wringing mops really takes a toll on my back since I have a back injury!
  2. Your vinyl does look like real wood from your pics! I've also used O-Cedar products before and like them. I have just a little vinyl flooring in the bath and kitchen that I spritz with the vinegar solution from a spray bottle mostly and use my Swiffer mop. If I ever want to go to reusable pads though, this is a nice mop to get.

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