Choosing Healthy Non Stick Cookware

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Choosing healthy non stick cookware was one of the first things I did when I learned of the dangers of some non stick pans.  I absolutely love to cook and I really enjoy the time I get to spend making meals for my family.  I often use cooking and baking as a way to relax after a stressful week.  There is only one part of cooking and baking that I don’t enjoy and that is washing dishes.  Actually, I don’t mind washing your average cup and fork.  What I really dislike is scrubbing pots and pans with dried on or stuck on food. I have actually been known to toss a pot or two in my lifetime simply because I could not get the as clean as I wanted to.
Choosing Healthy Non Stick Cookware

Choosing healthy non stick cookware

Some non stick cookware is made using a cancer causing chemical called perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA) that starts to give off toxic fumes you breathe in every time you cook with them. As if that isn’t bad enough, at high temperatures, the coating of this PFOA coated cookware will break down into a chemical agent that is related to nerve gas! Obviously this type of pan isn’t something that I really want in my kitchen and I definitely don’t want to use it to make dinner.

Choosing healthy non stick cookware

When choosing healthy non stick cookware, you need to choose a brand like Swiss Diamond that does not use PFOA to make it non stick.  Swiss Diamond cookware features a new non stick technology incorporating diamond crystals.  Diamonds are the hardest material known to man so I cannot think of a better surface for my cookware.  It will not crack, blister or peel.  It is even safe for your metal utensils!  With many non stick cookware items, I need to constantly remind my husband to not use metal utensils. I cannot tell you how many pans have been ruined that way.  No worries with Swiss Diamond.

Swiss Diamond cookware is created so that you need to use little or no oil when you’re cooking. Just think of the calories you’re saving by doing this!  The diamond crystals in your Swiss Diamond cookware produce the highest  degree of thermal conductivity. Nothing conducts heat more efficiently. Swiss Diamond cookware also has ergonomically designed stay cool handles and is even oven safe up to 500F!  The vented, heat tempered glass cover allows you to see through into the pan while preventing boil overs or over cooking.

Choosing Healthy non stick cookware Swiss Diamond

 Swiss Diamond

I received an 8″x8″ square sauté pan from Swiss Diamond that is perfect for sauces, vegetables and meat. Although the pan itself is square, the accurately trimmed bottom is round to fit a standard stove while taking up less stove space. This pan is the perfect size to saute meats and vegetables for dinner.    Since I tend to be multi-tasking at dinner time, the vented glass cover that prevents boil overs is extremely handy.  All I had to do to clean up is wash it out with a hot soapy water. There was no scrubbing involved at all!

One of my readers is going to win the Swiss Diamond 8″x8″ square saute pan.

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