Best Staycation Ideas for a Lower Carbon Footprint

Last Updated on June 24, 2019 by Ellen Christian

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If you feel a vacation calling your name, check out the best staycation ideas for a lower carbon footprint thanks to The Nature Conservancy. Now that the holidays are over, many people start thinking about taking a winter vacation to relax and get away from it all. But, for those looking to lower their carbon footprint, the impact of a vacation can be surprising. Best Staycation Ideas for a Lower Carbon Footprint

Best Staycation Ideas

What is a staycation holiday? A staycation is basically a vacation where you stay at home. It eliminates the impact of long-distance travel via plane, train or automobile. It also eliminates the need for a hotel which can cut down on not only expenses but also on resources used. But, that doesn’t mean you’re not getting out and having fun. What it means is that you are doing so with an eye to the impact your actions have on our environment.

Looking for more sustainable choices? Download The Nature Conservancy Everyday Sustainability Guide by entering your name and email to read the tips and get motivated to start now. Best Staycation Ideas for a Lower Carbon Footprint

What do you do on a winter staycation?

What you do really depends on the climate where you live and how much you enjoy colder weather. In Vermont, winter means snow and temperatures that are usually between zero and freezing. If you enjoy sledding, making snowmen or snowshoeing, winter is a great time to have a staycation. If you’re not a fan of colder weather, a staycation in a cold climate may mean popcorn, movie night, or visiting local indoor attractions in your town. I generally opt for a hike in an area I haven’t already visited. Since I live in rural Vermont, nature is something we have a lot of whether that means taking in a sunset at the lake or going for a hike with the kids. Sometimes, it’s nice to just sit in the quiet and watch the ice freeze. Best Staycation Ideas for a Lower Carbon Footprint

What should I do on my staycation?

What you do will really depend on what local attractions there are in your area. Here are a few things that I enjoy doing when I have a local staycation.

  • Visit local museums
  • Hike at a state park

Best Staycation Ideas for a Lower Carbon Footprint

  • Have a spa day or do a spa day at home
  • Visit a local indoor pool
  • Have a movie and popcorn night
  • Unplug and take a nap
  • Visit a historic landmark
  • Have dinner at home by candlelight
  • Play board games at home
  • Take a yoga class (or pottery or archery)
  • Go geocaching

Best Staycation Ideas for a Lower Carbon Footprint One of my goals this year is to be more aware of how my choices impact my environment. That’s true for the foods I cook, the brands I buy, and the travel choices I make for myself and my family. Did you know that emissions from a single round-trip flight between Washington, DC, and Borneo, Indonesia can equal the total household energy use (electricity, gas, etc.) of the average American family for a whole year? Best Staycation Ideas for a Lower Carbon Footprint That’s a huge impact when you consider it. Just imagine the good we could all do if we all pledged a staycation this year instead of flying somewhere. When you’re making your plans to get away this year, consider staying a little bit closer to home. Even driving an hour or two away from home has less of an impact that flying somewhere. Check out what your town or county has to offer. You can find all sorts of ideas by contacting your local travel and tourism department. Or, just take time to go outside and enjoy nature.

For more information on sustainable choices you can make, download your free copy of The Nature Conservancy’s Everyday Sustainability Guide with 7 good for our planet steps that are easy to make. Download the guide by entering your name and email to read the tips and get motivated to start now. 

Now, which of the best staycation ideas I’ve shared will you try first?

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