Best Gifts for a Minimalist or Simple Living Fan

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What are the best gifts for a minimalist or the type of person who doesn’t really need anything? That’s something I’m struggling with this year since I’ve come to embrace the minimalist movement. According to the LA Times, there are 300,000 items in the average American’s home. Wow.

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Best gifts for a minimalist

Best Gifts for a Minimalist

It has already started and Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet. People have begun asking me what I want for Christmas. My answer of “nothing” really doesn’t satisfy them so I’ve started considering what the best gifts for a minimalist really are.

Everyone has their own idea of what minimalism is. Some love bare white walls and surfaces that contain nothing at all. Some picture a room with no tables or bookcases to attract clutter. Others (myself included) dream of surfaces that contain only things that bring them beauty – a vase of flowers, a picture frame with their child’s photo. For most, minimalism means a home without clutter – without piles – without things you hold onto because you feel you should or that you might “need them some day.”

Because minimalists avoid filling their home with “things,” it’s difficult to know what to get them. They probably have very specific ideas of what they envision their home to look like. Unless you come right and ask them exactly what they want, it’s hard to know what to buy. When you do ask, you may receive “nothing” as an answer. When that happens, consider a few of these gift ideas.

  1. An experience. Tickets to an upcoming show, a season pass to the zoo, a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Most minimalists prefer to experience life rather than collect things.
  2. Flowers. Many minimalists enjoy simple natural decorating elements like a clear vase filled with fresh cut flowers. Buy them a bunch of cut flowers or pay for one of those monthly deliveries. Avoid flower arrangements that come with their own baskets, ornaments, artificial greenery, balloons or other miscellaneous clutter. Simple cut flowers in a box are perfect.
  3. Make a donation in their name. If you know they are passionate about a cause, consider giving a donation in their name to their favorite charity.
  4. Give of yourself. Offer a few evenings of babysitting service, leaf raking, snow blowing, or car washing. Whatever you can do that they need is a good choice.
  5. Tasty treats (provided they are not dieting). Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a loaf of homemade bread and jam, a pound of fudge or a home-cooked meal on their busiest night?
  6. Tokens and gift cards. For those with teens on your list. Consider giving them tokens to their favorite arcade or a gift card to iTunes.
  7. Music or movie subscription. Try a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora or Spotify for those that love music or movies.

If you have a minimalist on your Christmas list this year, consider a few of these ideas when doing your holiday shopping. Take time to slow down and enjoy the holidays but spending time with people who matter to enjoy. Learn how to have a greener Christmas. Or check out this post about minimalist wedding gifts.

Best gifts for a minimalist Christmas

6 thoughts on “Best Gifts for a Minimalist or Simple Living Fan”

  1. My dad has always been a challenge to buy for because he doesn't really care for the gift-giving, materialist theme at Christmas. He even hates gift cards! I have to say I'm leaning more toward that opinion every year. I have however, found he enjoys homemade goodies. My first profession was in nutrition so I used to bake and cook as a teen and glad to know he liked my creations. I try to include nutritious nuts (candied nuts!) and less salty things for his blood pressure, but at almost 80, he can pretty much eat what he wants!
  2. Im a HUGE fan of gift cards. I know people like to sometimes give an item they can watch the recipient open, but to me, being able to use my gift card at a future date is the best gift of all!

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