8 Spring Makeup Beauty Hacks That Will Make You Glow

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I am always looking for makeup beauty hacks to make my morning easier. Anything that saves time or makes my routine easier works. I don’t feel put together in the morning unless I apply my makeup. Doing my hair and makeup each morning is something I still do even though I work from home. That doesn’t mean that I want to spend an hour on my makeup. I just want to look like it. This post contains affiliate links.

8 Spring Makeup Beauty Hacks That Will Make You Glow

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8 Spring Makeup Beauty Hacks That Will Make You Glow

I put on a “full face” of makeup as my mother says. Despite using a variety of makeup products, I prefer the natural healthy look. I use makeup to accent my appearance, not to change it. Here are a few makeup beauty hacks to save you time in the morning while allowing you to get a natural glow.

  • Disposable Eye Shadow Brushes – Cotton swabs are great for eye shadow application because they are disposable! I have reusable makeup brushes.  When I’m trying to apply a variety of colors in one application, I use a disposable cotton swab for each color to ensure eye shadow hues stay true.
  • The Ultimate Smokey Eye Look  – To achieve a quick smokey eye, draw a thick line close to your lash line using eyeliner. Smudge upwards with a cotton swab to create a “smokey” effect.
  • A Quick Fix for Eye Shadow Creases  – Smooth eyeshadow creases on your eyelids with cotton swabs. Always remember to apply an eyeshadow primer first.
  • Control Crazy Eyebrows – Control unruly brows by applying a small amount of coconut oil using a cotton swab to your eyebrows.
  • Precision Powdering – Use a cotton swab to dab loose powder only where you need it for example, the center of the forehead, the sides of the nose and the chin.

8 Spring Makeup Beauty Hacks That Will Make You Glow

  • A Disposable Wand for Concealer – Use cotton swabs to apply concealer from a container if it doesn’t have a wand. Never stick your fingers in your makeup. This can transfer bacteria and oils.
  • Keep Your Perfect Pout in Place – Keep lip color from bleeding by using cotton swabs to apply loose translucent powder along the outer edge of your lips.
  • Mask a Blemish – To quickly hide a blemish, moisten one end of your cotton swab with an astringent that contains salicylic acid. Dab it on the blemish. Use the other end as a makeup applicator to apply an oil-free concealer to mask the blemish.

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Now, when was the last time you pampered your nails and used a body scrub to freshen your skin?

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  1. The tip about controlling crazy eyebrows is a great one!  Too many people ignore their eyebrows and it keeps them from looking polished and put together. 

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